helloo if all of you people out there ever watch america's next top model and australia's next top model then i think you know where this story is coming from .

camera man ; in 3 , 2 , 1 action

anouncer ; hello and welcome to amber's next top model . let me introduce you to our judje's fashion expert shelby morre fashion designe victor fashion police vera devinish and last but not least our famous model that we all know and love amber millington . nowv let's welcome our beautiful teenage girls all the way from anubis house we have nina martin patrica wiliamson , mara jaffray and joy mercer . first up nina martin .

victor ; hello sweatheart whats your name

nina ; nina martin

vera ; how old are you

nina ; 19

amber ; where you from

nina ; america

shelby ; what purswaded you to be on this show .

nina ; well i love modelling and i love this show .

amber ; may you cat walk for us please

nina ; okay

vera ; [whispers ] she's good

amber ; thankyou sweat heart next

victor ; hello sweatie what's your name

patrica ; patrica

vera ; how old are you

patrica ;18

amber ; where you from

patrica ; australia

shelby ; what perswayded you to come on this show

patrica ; my mum made me .

amber ; may you cat walk for us sweatheart .

patrica ; sure

vera ; [ whispers ] she's exellent .

shelby ; she's very good

vera ; thankyou sweat heart NEXT

victor ; hello darling what's your name