• BridgetteWrites

    The house was silent for, perhaps, the last time before the next term started. Christmas break had came and gone much too fast for Victor, and with Trudy getting ready for the children, he barley had time to work on making the elixir. Tonight, however, Trudy was out.

    Victor started at the large bottle full of amber colored liquid. It was enough to last him for years.

    But not forever, a voice nagged in the back of his mind. He put his head in his hands and replied out loud, "No. Not forever."

    He took a tiny sip of the precious liquid. He knew he had to conserve it. Some how he would make himself immortal. He would have his forever.

    With a new found drive and the energy he gained from the elixir, Victor set off to his office. Determined to find …

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  • Liv2night

    The Breakfast Devils

    July 12, 2013 by Liv2night

    Ello everybody!  I was looking at my past stories and I was damn embarrased..This is gonna be totally different. So basically, if you don't like Walfie you shouldn't read the below and if your very emotional..warning. :D Oh and the first chapter is not good but it gets better ;) So I guess at the moment Ill update when I get 2 comments. Thanks you ;) P.S. Is this wiki dead at the moment? :O

    Alfie! Willow screams running into her boyfriends arms.

    WILLOW! Alfie screams even louder.

    It was the start of another year at Anubis house and everyone was EXCITED! Alfie and Willow were dating for nearly a year now. They were planning a big celebration for their 1st years anniversary.

    How are you big dog?! Willow asks while laughing. Big dog was her nicknam…

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  • LlamaSpearsTimberlake

                                       House Of Anubis The Isisirion P.T.1

    A few days without Victor Was alright but a whole different mystery started the seniors stayed at Anubis House after they graduated for a few weeks.

     KT and Mara were in the cellar cleaning out the lab's chemical's .KT says,"MaraI hear you and Fabian are hitting it off..." KT had a smile on her face and Mara had a cute grin saying," But I don't think he loves me like he loved Nina."

    Suddenly, Kt and Mara found a White Shining Star it looked like the eye of Horus key Nina wore around the house and Eddie used it for opening secret passages.But instead of it being a Horus Eye it's a white star with a cresent moon in the middle.Kt says,"Woah!" KT called Eddie Patricia and Fabi…

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  • DaGrandeSibuna

    She finished unpacking all her stuff, waiting for everybody. She needed to talk with Fabian of the horrible nightmares she was having. They felt so real, but they were insane. All she could remember was a non-sense riddle.

    "The light, white and clear, is used by a black soul. Tears taken wrong. Dared to try, but never to reach. Revenge takes what no one desearves. Love will save what seemed lost for ever..."

    Her hand wrote everything on her diary while she was thinking in Fabian and how much she miss him. She was scared. 

    - What if ... what if it talks in part about him?... There's no way that-

    Amber entered in the room, leaving her stuff in her bed. Minutes later realized that Nina was there, sitting on the floor with her diary thinking.

    - Nee…

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  • Pabian

    Eddie scowled and stepped right onto my foot.

    "Fabian..." Eddie was telling me something harshly, but I must of zoned out. Eddie shoved me backwards and I staggered.

    Patricia tried to hold Eddie back but he came forward with a firm punch to my chin. I gasped and closed my eyes, but then I realized that Eddie was dating K.T and shouldn't be mad.

    I was daydreaming. I let out a long sigh of relief. Eddie was still standing there, and Patricia was still anxiously look from Eddie to me.

    "Why..?" Eddie was curious, not mad. Which was another wave o relief. Patricia suddenly grabbed my hand and grinned, very happily.

    "We're dating," Patricia comfirmed proudly. Eddie raised his eyebrows, shocked. He knew it was true, he saw the kiss himself.

    Just when I…

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  • YackerBishes

    Unexpected Birthday

    February 12, 2013 by YackerBishes

    Two Words:


    Well at least for the year, why? Because it's my birthday.

    After I finished lunch, I went back to my room. Willow was hanging with KT, Mara and Jerome are out of the house, Joy is out for the weekend, Alfie and Fabian are goofing off, and who knows what slimeball's been up to, maybe he's planning the next Sibuna meeting or something, who cares. I went on my laptop and  scrolled through my news feed. Ugh. My parents went to visit Piper, they said they were busy turns out they just didn't wanna see me. Well they dropped me off at this boarding school and never bothered to visit me again. Tears started falling down my face, my own parents doesn't even bother to see me. I don't know if they even love me. They focused al…

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  • Pabian

    I Love You Patricia: Act II

    February 6, 2013 by Pabian

    I straightened the New Prom banner, but I was the opposite of it. I couldn't think straight at all. I runned my fingers through my hair nervously. If Patricia says no...

    I shivered and sighed.

    "Fabes? What's up?" Joy was so innocently nice, it made me smile. I glanced at Patricia, she was looking at me. Which means she cares...or she thinks I'm a freak.

    "Is it Patricia? You know her, she's a little rude and-" I held up my hand.

    "And the girl I asked out," I stated. Joy's jaw dropped; amazed, confused, sad, shocked, angry. All in one.

    "! Your joking," Joy said, a smile spreading over her face. Of course she wouldn't believe me.

    I ignored her respectively and confidently strolled over to Patricia. She was already blushing.

    Joy. I heard her …

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  • Hoa100


    February 4, 2013 by Hoa100

    Back again the girl thought fabian is gonna be surprised when i turn around a brunette came "Watch it newbie"She said "Well this place changed"I said.When i ran to Anubis house a girl was cuddling with Fabian.I just thought in my head scream.It was that brunette "Uh you again newbie"She spoke.Everyone got up and looked at me "IM BACK"I said everyone tackled me."Wait wait you know Nina Taylor"Fabian asked.Taylor gave a glare at me"Yes Fabebear she said i was horrible person"Taylor said and fake cried "I thought we're best friend but you hurt her"Amber screamed then everyone screamed at me even Fabian."Fine ask Taylor the boss of her"I screamed i never screamed ever since my gran left me at my birthday party and forget me at the party.I ran …

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  • Pabian

    I Love You Patricia: Act I

    February 4, 2013 by Pabian

    The prom was coming. Eddie and K.T are going together. Jerome and Mara. Alfie, Joy, and Willow (As friends). And then it just left Patricia and I alone.

    It was the morning of the Alien Prom (Alfie's Idea), and I still was a loner. Everyone expected Patricia and I to just go alone, because we would be an 'odd' couple. Plus, everyone assumed I still  loved Nina. See, the point is...I might actually love Patricia.

    "So Fabian. You're just going alone?" Jerome asked. He smirked and bit into his apple. I shook my head sarcastically.

    "Nah, Patricia and I are the best couple that could happen," I said lamely, trying to sound sarcastic. Deep inside, I knew I was serious.

    "Oh sure! You. Me. Perfect," Patricia mused, playing along. Jerome coughed and held …

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  • MessWithMeYouMessWithSibuna

    ***There is swearing in here, not cursing though. Examples would be Freaking, Hell, Damn, Crap, etc. If you are aware of this and still choose to read, go on, if you have problems with swearing, there isn't too much.*** Last Time on House of Anubis: The Unknown Spirit...

    Mr. Sweet- Mara, has been, moved from here to Isis house. It wasn't our choice in the matter, it was her's.

    Dear Anubis Residences, I am moving over to the Isis house for our final term. I've been having problems with Nina. Her and I chatted over the summer via Facebook. She isn't as sweet as you think. Now, don't get offended Fabian and Amber, I understand something must have been going on for her to act like that but she did; I have proof. Go on my Facebook profile and … Read more >
  • MessWithMeYouMessWithSibuna
        • Before I start, correct me if this is not where the stories go and characters may be OOC (Out of Character) meaning Fabian might be angry all the time, Amber might be kinda smarter than what she already is in the show, Jerome would be more stupid and annoy the crap out of Fabian more than he should, etc.***

    Another term has started for the students in Anubis house. Everyone was happy to see each other. But where was Mara? Victor came into the room with Mr. Sweet.

    Mr. Sweet- I have some, rather, sudden news that you might not like.

    The Anubis Students- What? What's the news? Where's Mara?

    Mr. Sweet- Mara, has been, moved from here to Isis house. It wasn't our choice in the matter, it was her's.

    Jerome- Oh that cannot be true; Mr. Sweet, why would Ma…

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  • Liv2night


    December 2, 2012 by Liv2night

    Patricia: Eddie I really love you

    Eddie: Just like I love you Yacker?

    Patricia: Lets see home much you love me. *kiss*

    Jerome: Are we starting romance? Mara?

    Mara: You're amazing Jerome. Just amazing. *kiss*

    Nina: Fabian I always loved you and I always will!

    Fabian: Me too. *kiss*

    Amber: Alfie I;m sorry!

    Alfie: No need.

    Amber: Do you..*kiss*

    Joy; I;m ok Fabian. Theres other boys out there

    Mick: Like me?

    Joy: Like you. *kiss*

    Just to show love. Just to show House of Anubis.

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  • Liv2night

    So, if you want to read this read the 3 parts of house of friendship first. Here it goes.

    In the morning after the meeting. The students are going on their 1st day of school in the new term.

    Eddie: I'm not sure about this Patricia.

    Patricia: Why?

    Eddie: You know its the 1st day of school and my dad...

    Patricia: Ok, you would'nt do it anyways.

    Amber comes of behind them

    Amber; Do what? A date? Is it romatic?!

    Eddie+Patricia: NO!

    Amber: Sure, its you not like YOU would go on a romantic date.

    Patricia: I wanted to make a run for it today at lunch.

    Amber: Yeah, thats something like you and?

    Patricia: Little Eddie wont go...

    Eddie: Little Eddie is not little. Amber, you should understand me.

    Amber: ME? YOU? UNDERSTAND? How could I you're American I;m British…

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  • Liv2night

    House of Friendship Part 3

    November 30, 2012 by Liv2night

    Eddie; Nina!? What am I supposed to do without you? Im the Osirion and your Chosen I..I..

    Nina; First of all calm down.Sarah will send you someone to help.I know it.

    Eddie; Sarah? Who is SARAH?

    Nina: Ask the rest.

    Eddie: The rest?

    Nina: Part of Sibuna-Anubis backwards,our special student group. Fabian,Amber,Patricia,Alfie,YOU, Joy sometimes... Dont ask ME anymore questions bye. Good Luck.

    Hangs off. Eddie goes back but nobodys there.WHAT? he thinks.

    Victor:It is ten o'clock you all know what that means you have 5 more minutes persisley and then I want to hear a pin...drop.

    Eddie: Sure...

    12 o'clock. Midnight. Everybody comes to Fabians and Eddies room. No sign of Mara and Jerome.

    Joy: Wheres Mara and Jerome?

    Patricia: They said they want to have a ro…

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  • Liv2night

    House of Friendship. Part 2

    November 30, 2012 by Liv2night

    Everyone heads to the living room.

    Eddie: Food!

    Patricia; Ya! Food! How exciting!

    Jerome and Mara come in. They are holding hands.Eddie Laughs.

    Eddie: Hey! Our romantic Jerome is back!

    Amber comes in.

    Amber: Nothing to hide this term?

    Mara; No Amber! Hes with me-Hes honest.

    Jerome: Is that the deal? Then I have to thing about this couple thing...

    Mara: Jerome?

    Amber; How about we talk about...ME!

    Alfie; Oh great Ambers has started. Everyone ignore her if you want to survive!

    Everyone laughs.

    Patricia: Everybody heard the news about Nina?

    Amber: Yeah sad.

    Eddie: Awww poor Ambers going to cry!

    Amber: NO I'M NOT!

    Alfie; Dont talk to my babe like that!

    Amber: I dont think I like you calling me this.

    Jerome; Now it definetly started!

    Fabians phone rings.

    Joy: Fabia…

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  • Liv2night

    House of Friendship

    November 30, 2012 by Liv2night

    This is the time of the show when they come back after the holidays in season 3

    Patricia is in Eddies room waiting. She is writing a poem.     

    Eddie: Hello? PARICIA!


    Eddie: What are you writing?

    Patricia hides her poem. Eddie snatches it off her.

    Eddie: When I think about you I cry but when I see you I laugh? Wow your soft side is as soft as a pillow!

    Patricia: And how soft is that?

    Eddie:Wanna see?

    Eddie grabs his pillow,Patricia takes Fabians. They start a big pillow fight.

    Patrica: You know what?

    Fabian comes in.

    Fabian: Hey! Patricia! I'm sleeping on that pillow!

    Takes the pillow off her.

    Eddie; Yo! Fabian we were just having a laugh!

    Patricia; Yeah, I'll give you my pillow to sleep on!

    Fabian; Em... Thanks Patricia but i'm fine...

    Joy c…

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  • Eliminji

    Fanfiction. House of Double

    November 10, 2012 by Eliminji

    Follows the basics of the show will you read on after this chapter to see the twists?

    OCs are Lilith(Lily) Young and Micheal (Mike) Foster.

    House of Double: Two Chosen ones

    The term had ended and the house would soon be empty for two weeks. The Students were busy packing for the vacation waiting to say tier goodbyes for the last moment. School had ended with a bang the completion of the Cup of Life that everyone thought was destroyed, the kiss between Nina and Fabian, the prom, and the news that Mick and Patricia would be leaving and Joy would not be returning to the school next term and Mick had already left for a new school. There was also news that three new students would be joining us since three weren't coming back. The cars had started…

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  • Eliminji

    Sibuna Roleplay

    November 10, 2012 by Eliminji

    Sibuna Roleplay

    Nina Martin: (Me)

    Fabian Rutter:

    Amber Millington:

    Alfie Lewis:

    Patricia Williamson:

    Mara Jaffray:

    Mick Campbell:

    Joy Mercer:

    Eddie Sweet:

    Poppy Clark:

    Jerome Clark:

    KT Rush:

    Willow Jenks: Taken

    Applications is simple

    Answer these questions

    Characters Birthday:

    Characters Bestfriend:

    A short paragraph on personalitly and style.

    email I will pick based off of date and time first then off of the app.

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  • PieandHOALoverHere

    Hello! I'm PieandHOALoverHere but you can call me Pie for short. lol. This is my idea for House of Anubis Season 3. Check out my other blog on the regular wikia thing for spoilers and summaries and opinions.

    Setting: A month after Eddie found out he was the Osirian. April 4, 2012, 2:30pm Outside the Anubis House.

    Girl- Uh, this place is so, so, OLD! Niiiiicccceee.

    The door to Anubis House mysteriously opens all by it's self.

    Girl- Well I absolutely love a haunted house! Maybe not to sleep in though....

    Victor steps out of the House.

    Victor- Your early.

    Girl- Yes, Yes, I know. My mother said if I came early it would be just "grand". Apparently it's not though...

    Victor- We weren't expecting you until May 27th.

    Girl- Well, is there any room? I mean, I…

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  • Pilun172

    After Anubis

    October 1, 2012 by Pilun172

    Hello all! It's Pilun172, the author of After Anubis. I want to tell you some intresting things about it.

    The fanfic is based off Friends, but with my own twist

    1- Mara's a teacher. Ross was a teacher later on in the series

    Eddie's an actor who can't find a role. Joey

    Fabian sings these ridculos songs. Phoebe

    Amber is a model, so she works in fashion. Rachel

    2- The Emma storyline will happen to two broken up characters.

    3- The triplets storyline will happen very soon(except it will only be one baby).

    4- Fabina will break up AGAIN.

    5- Guess who's going to get married.

    6- Refrences to HOA

    7- Dancing is coming :D

    8- Eddie's going to (try) find a girlfriend.

    9- Martin and Sweet as twins. Tell me what you think about that.

    10- A lot of things are happening!


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  • TheMistyMermaidX7

    Patricia: Eddie it's so good to see you again.

    Eddie: It's good to see you too, I tried calling you all summer but you wouldn't answer.

    Paticia: Sorry, I was mostly sleeping all summer.

    Fabian, Joy, Mara, Jerome, Alfie and Amber walk in.

    Trudy: It's that all you are finally back together.

    Joy: What about Mick?

    Amber: And Nina Too?

    Trudy: They won't be coming this year, Mick will continue his training in Austalia and Nina has to take care of her Gran.

    Fabian: Great, my girlfriend and my best friend are both gone.

    Mara: don't worry I'm sure they'll come back.

    Meanwhile in the school,

    Mrs. Andrews: I'm not doing it! just because I'm back working here doesn't mean that I have to help you!

    Mr. Sweet: But we have the Osirion now!

    Victor: let her go we'll get…

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  • Jarafan101

    Someone is posing as me

    August 25, 2012 by Jarafan101

    A wiki Contrbituer keeps posing as me. Creating Stories saying that I made them. Who ever is doing this please stop

    --Jarafan101 14:06, August 25, 2012 (UTC)Jarafan101--Jarafan101 14:06, August 25, 2012 (UTC)

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  • Jarafan101

    Hey guys!

    July 1, 2012 by Jarafan101

    I've just got on the wikia and well there's this comment that I saw that just made my day. You see this person told this other person who was being mean to me to stop it. Even though she was being mean to the person who was being mean to me. I would just like to thank her. Thank you!

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  • Horustheskygod1

    (Main Door Opens)

    Fabian: It's good to be back.

    (Walks into the living room)

    Fabian: Hi guys!

    All: Hi

    Fabian: Is Nina here?

    Amber: No, her plane got delayed.

    Fabian: Oh

    Amber: But she's gonna arrive tonight.

    Fabian: Ok

    (Fabian goes to unpack)

    Eddie: Hey

    Fabian: Hi

    Eddie: What are you doing?

    Fabian: Unpacking.

    (Fabian finishes unpacking and leaves the room)

    Nina: Fabian!

    Fabian: Nina!

    Nina: I missed you!

    Fabian: I missed you too.

    (Main Door Handle turns) (A strange kid enters)

    Fabian: Max!!

    Max: Fabian!!

    (Fabian and Max lookes shocked)

    Patricia: What's with all the screaming?

    Amber: I was asking my selfe the same equestion when I heard Fabian scream.

    (Alfie comes in running)

    Alfie: What's wrong?

    Nina: Who's he?

    Fabian: My brother, with some major explaining to do.


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  • Jarafan101

    I need ideas

    May 10, 2012 by Jarafan101

    I need ideas for stories.

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  • Hoaluva5612

    Hey this is my first fanfic, hope u like it!

    The days were cold as more and more people began to leave. What once was a place where kids laughed and screamed, it was now deserted. You could hear a pin drop from a mile away and a bird chirping at the other end of campus. "red or blue?" Amber questioned holding two sequined dresses in front of Nina's face. "" Nina said slightly distracted by what her Gran was saying on the phone. "blue? Well...I'm going to have to choose red." Amber said closely examining each of the dresses, while ignoring Nina's advice. As she packed the dress into yet another filled suitcase, Nina began to scream with excitement. " Thank you so much Gran! You are the best!" Nina closed her cell phone and…

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  • NinjaNia

    Okay, so if anyone wants to read the previous chapters of my fanfic "the Ties That Bind" then click a link below to find what you want.

    Chapter 1:

    Chapter 2

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  • NinjaNia


    March 18, 2012 by NinjaNia

    I though since this wiki is a little disorganized and I'm having a hard time finding a sotry I like:

    Maybe we should have a category for each story so everyone can find the parts?

    Maybe we should have a pairings category? (because all we have now is Fabina and there are only 2 stories on there)

    Tell me what you think!

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  • ILoveAnubisMore

    fanfiction is really my life! i read it all day long and i love reading new stories. if u have any suggestions for me please tell me!

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  • ILoveAnubisMore

    im new

    March 4, 2012 by ILoveAnubisMore

    Hey people I am new here so I am really looking forward to being apart of this wiki!

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  • Joyhater

    The reason is because Jerina is mostly thought of

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  • Joyhater

    Why I'm writing blog posts

    February 1, 2012 by Joyhater

    The reason is because I need help writing stories

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  • Crash1313

    House of Anubis: Back In

    Chapter 1: Return of the Betrayer

    Patricia let out an undignified girly squeal as the door opened rather dramatically. A girl smiled as she walked in. Joy walked over and hugged a smiling Patricia. “I can’t believe I’m back.” Joy’s smile slid off her face as she saw two people walking out the kitchen. A girl with wavy-curly hair and a boy with dark hair and a playful smirk walked in. Jerome and Alfie looked at each other with a mixture of fear and interest. Mara and Mick eyed Joy, who seemed to be considering whether to leave or stay. “Fabian. Nina” said Joy flatly. “Umm…Hello Joy!” said Nina. Joy gave her a stiff nod, noticing the two were holding hands. “The hall is not a mixer. Go, go, go!” said Victor, suddenly m…

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  • Prada97

    Part of Your World Parody This song it by Mara and it talks about her feeling towards the whole mystery. I made it up hope ya like it!

    Look at my Brain Isn't it neat Wouldn't you think I know everything Wouldn't you think I'm the girl The girl who has everything?

    Look at this book history told How many wonders can one bind hold Looking around here you'd think Sure, she's got everything

    I wanna be where Sibuna is I wanna see wanna see them exploring Holding out those lockets

    Up where they discover Up where they uncover Up where they go into the celler Wandering free wish I could be part of their club

    And ready to know what the Sibuna knows Ask 'em my questions and get the answers What's the Eye of Horus and what does it do [What's the word?] glo…

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