Hello people. Here I'm going to post a fanfiction stories that I've thought of. These stories are made from my opinion of House of Anubis ships. I hope you enjoy, and leave a comment if you do, or don't, then I can adapt my stories. (Already sorry if this page looks weird, first time using it :P)

House of Trouble/House of ReturningEdit

(At Anubis House)

Fabian: [anxiously looks at Amber] What if Nina doesn't come back, what do we do then?

Amber: Don't woory, she'll come back, just relax, it isn't like she got kidnapped or anything.

Fabian: Thanks Amber, that kidnapping thing REALLY helps me not worrying..

[Eddie comes into the hall]

Eddie: What's up people, I'm back!

OMG, aaaahwww Fabina!

Fabian and Amber: Hai Eddie.

Eddie: Well, you two sound happy.. Not.

Amber: Fabian is just worried about Nina, why she isn't back yet and everything.

Eddie: Okay then, I'll just go and look for Patricia then. [Eddie leaves room]

[Doorbell rings, Fabian runs to the door]

Fabian: NINA!!!
House of anubis amfie by houseofanubisrocks15-d4rr4w4

Amfie :D

Nina: FABIAN!!!

[Fabian kisses Nina]

Nina: Soo, I don't have to ask if you missed me. [They both laugh]

[Next day, at school]

Alfie: Glad to be back, the old gang back together, and Rufus isn't here anymore.

Patricia: And no Vera!

Fabian: And of course, Nina didn't die, and we're not cursed, and Senkhara is g..

All: [Interrupting Fabian] We know..

Fabian: Just being happy [smiles to Nina]

Nina: Just hoping that nothing crazy happens this year.

And everything went well, untill the third day of school...

Amber: NOOO. I hat French, I don't want to go.
House of anubis cast 5

HoA cast season 2, All return!

Nina: You must, it's only the third day of school, you might get expelled!

Amber: For skipping one lesson? Yeah right.

Alfie: Let's go already.

[They walk to the french classroom]

Amber: [Screams]

Nina: This can't be true.

Fabian: No..

Alfie: Do you think we need to do something?

Because what, or better to say who, they found, was Miss Andrews, lying on de ground in a puddle of blood, with in her arm writter the initials RZ..

So, how did you like it? Again, it's my first story and I just want to know if I should make a second part and everything. Please leave a comment :)

House of Ressurection/House of LostEdit

Fabian: Alfie, go get mr Sweet. Amber, call an ambulance.
Shocked Face

When they find Andrews :P

Amber and Alfie: Okay. [Alfie runs out of the classroom, Amber calls the ambulance]

Nina: Is she still alive?

Patricia: I don't know.

Fabian: Let me check.

[Fabian walks towards miss Andrews. When he reaches miss Andrews, he checks her pulse]

Fabian: She's alive, but I think that she on't last long.

[Jerome comes in]

Jerome: Hey, how you doing... What happened in here?

Nina: I.. miss Andrews... and...

Fabian: Calm down Nina. [He puts his arms around Nina, Jerome looks at Andrews]

Jerome: What's that around her neck? [Jerome looks] Nina, what is your locket doing around miss Andrews neck?

NIna: I don't know, I lost it last year. Rufus took it.. Rufus! That explains the RZ in her arm. We're not finished yet!

[Ambulance people and Sweet come in]

Sweet: Miss Andrews, hello?? Class is dismissed. LEAVE!

[Everyone leaves]

Nina: Come to the cellar tonight, we need to talk. Sibuna.

Sibuna: Sibuna.

[That night, in the cellar]

Amber: What do we do now?

Patricia: Find Rufus?

Alfie: Why on Earth would you go look for Rufus.

Fabian: Maybe she's right. If he is still out there we should..

Victor: [From downstairs] It's ten o'clock..

Alfie: Let's go. Goodnight.

All: Goodnight.

Fabian: Sweet dreams Nina.

Nina: [suspicious] You too Fabs, you too.

To be continued... 

House of Tunnels/House of BooksEdit

So, here's a new part. Sorry I haven't been updating lately, but my teachers gave me a lot of homework! But here's part 3 :D I also changed my writing style a bit, but it's still with dialogues.

The next day at school, Sibuna comes together during lunch.

Fabian: If it was Rufus, he must want something from us.

Nina: But what?

This has nothing to do with the story. I just love it!

Amber: Maybe we should go talk to him.

Alfie: And how do you ant to do that?

Amber: Well, he's standing right over there.

[Amber point at the windiw, behind the window, Rufus is standing]

Patricia: Amber, how long has he been there?

Amber: I don't know, I just saw him!

Nina: I'm going outside.

Fabian: I'm coming with you.

[Fabian and Nina go outside]

Rufus: So, you've decided to come and help me.

Nina: No we didn't.

Rufus: Yes you did. Otherwise you wouldn't come here, because  you're going to ask me what I want. You will give that to me, so you will help me.

Fabian: [whispers to Nina] That actually makes sense.

Nina: What do you want?

Rufus: What I wan, I want the sword of Arghus, and I want Jerome to bring it to me.

Nina: The sword of whattus?

Fabian: Arghus, a guy who worked for Robbert Frobisher-Smythe. It's said it has power to even master the powers of the chosen one.

Rufus: Just go look in the tunnels.

Nina: And why would I give that to you?

Rufus: Because I know you will. [Rufus left]

The tunnels

Fabian: Look in the tunnels? But the tunnels are finished.

Nina: Maybe there's a second tunnel.

Sibuna went to the tunnels that night, and they found another tunnel, but where?

Because I wanted to make it a bit exciting, I just felt that I had to stop here. Maybe, you could reply ith an answer to the question about where the tunnel was. I've given a hint somewhere in this chapter. Also if you watched the show, it would be really easy to guess. See you next time :P

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