Cast of season 4. KT Rush and Willow are missing still in the cast!

House of Anubis Season 4


  • House of Nina and Eddi
  • House of Dreams
  • House of Sibuna
  • House of Keys
  • House of Locks
  • House of Cups
  • House of Masks
  • House of Duat
  • House of Gods
  • House of Judgement
  • House of Sphinx
  • House of The Black Pyramid
  • House of Sarah
  • House of Clues
  • House of Tut
  • House of Anubis Part 1
  • House of Anubis Part 2
  • House of Anubis: The Epic Conclusion


  • Nina Martin
  • Fabian Rutter
  • Joy Mercer
  • Amber Millington
  • KT Rush
  • Alfie Lewis
  • Victor Rodenmmar Jr.
  • Sarah Frobisher-Smythe
  • Eddie Sweet
  • Jerome Clark
  • Mara Jeffray
  • Patricia Williamson
  • Anubis
  • Rufus Zeno
  • Vera ?


Nina returns to Anubis House. THATS ALL WE ARE TELLING YOU. (STUDIO 100!)

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