"Ammuck! Ammuck! Ammuck!" Willow squeed walking to her locker in a gigiddy fasion. Soon popped up her loving boyfriend Alfie Lewis holding what seemed to be a venis fly trap. "Willow your heart is like a fly allow me to capture it and keep it safe." Alfie tried to reply romantically making Willow giggle. "Aww Alfie I love it...!" Willow cheered hugging him tightly. This day couldn't get any better. There were no sinners running ammuck. Victor found a new hobbie Online Daiting. And that horrid teacher Ms. Denby was no where to be seen which means NO MORE HOMEWORK!!!

Across the Hall entered in Amber. WHEN DID SHE RETURN. She looked like some anime chick who came out of Japan. Her hair half dyed pink. A girls & peace hat tipped sideways. And gages as big as the hole in the girls bathroom.

Amber ughhed as she was seen exiting mr. sweets office. Tossing the hat in the locker since he told her it was banned. "Ayo i wish i could wear you bb but dress code comes first. Hanging up a poster of Girls & peace she turned next to her to find willow right up her batooty. "SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. You look uber fab ams omg ur hat is soo cuteee" willow screamed putting it on her head. "ur not a real fan stfu" amber replied

Willow: I am your real fan though

Amber: *slams her locker in rage*

Willow: So how was fashion school

Amber: Since when did you care? You didn't even friend me on chumchatter.

Willow: Look at this plant alfie bought me. Isn't it cute. I named it Mick

Amber: OMG get that thing away from me... It's like the cacti all over again


Amber: I know you two are dating i saw the freakin photos dont think I will be okay with this

in comes a girl wit red hair that looks like patricia who takes out a dager

"heerrre comeess troble" she screemed murding the two as she turned into a vampire and ate their bodies.

"hey piper???" alfe replied looking scared

LEAVE A comment FOR CHAPTER TWO WHERE VAMPIRE PIPER GOES RUNNING around as a vampire killing the students of the school.

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