House of Anubis Season 5

The Osirian's Revenge                                                                     Edit

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Season 5


Jun 27, 2013- present

Main Artifact:

Golden Falcon

Season Premiere:

House of Univeristy, House of Reunion

Season Finale:


Country of Origin:


Season Cronology:

Previous: The Revival of the Gods


Season 6



            This takes place after the"The Revival of the Gods".In univeristy, The House of Anubis residents...including Nina are reunited. The Kanes Are Back... But Martin finds something suspicious about Eddie. Now they Have to Find the Golden Falcon of Horus. Will they or will they be trapped in Duat forever.


Nina Martin

Eddie Miller

Patricia Williamson

KT Rush

Alfie Lewis

Willow Jenks

Joy Mercer

Jerome Clarke

Martin Kane

Amber Millington

Fabian Rutter

Carter and Sadie Kane


and more secrets to come.


  1. Revival of The Gods aka S4
  2. Martin will find something suspicious about Eddie
  3. MomoNdao101 says that Joys will have an importanat role in this due to a post about her on the canon wikia.
  4. The Creator is MomoNdao101
  6. Just to be clear.. Spoiler alert Martin is the Horusian ( protege of Horus)
  7. Carter is the Eye of Horus. 2 diff, things
  8. There will be a clash between Martin and Eddie.
  9. Spoiler alert: Mick and Mara are villans.
  10. HOA; TOR- House of Univeristy, House of Reunion aka the first episode

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