Chapter 1


"Emma! Let's go!" a car horn beeped and I groaned.

I swung my legs off my bed in my attic bedroom inside a house my brothers and I liked to call the Millhouse. Mainly because from the outside it looked like an old millhouse.

"Emmaline Rutter! Hurry the hell up!"

As always, I put on my mom's old Eye of Horus locket. The only thing I had left of her. The thing was old, stained, but still was beautiful. Dad couldn't bear to look at it after Mom's death, so it was my extremely late sixth birthday present. Five days later he went insane and I was sent to live with my godparents Patricia and Eddie.

Speeding downstairs, I managed to shove a mouthful of cereal and grab a biscuit before Eddie yelled again. The man's a bloody Egyptologist and there's no evidence that he has any patience. It's a wonder he gets any work done.

I shove my arms into my jacket and grab my bag. Running outside, I jump in to the car beside my twin brother Ryan. I'm 5 minutes younger and he never lets me forget it. He also looks nothing like me. My copper curls are nothing like the mess of coffee hair on his head.

"'bout time," Eddie says. He's lived in Britain for 15 years now and his American accent shows no sign of fading.

My older brother Isaac grumbles. "Can we just go?" Eddie smirked for a bit, then he stepped on the pedal. "Recommend you pull your seatbelts on, it's a 2 hour drive to the Academy."

Chapter 2


Emma nagged in my ear the whole way to the Academy.

Isaac stayed quiet, his mouth shut. He might seem serious and calm, but inside hid a snarky monster that could insult you before you can even say his name. Suprising, because he looks like a total geek.

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