House of Isis 


Drama / Mystery / Comedy
Created by Hans Bourlon &
Gert Verhuls (House of Anubis), sequel by JessyPop
Written by JessyPop
Directed by JessyPop

Charlie Anera, Mac Lement, Summer Roberts, August Lennon, Joshy Darman, Clover Lean, Destiny Sue and Ethan Bowser, all freshmen

Children Appropiate?  Yes.
Country of origin UK and USA
Language(s) English
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes TBA
Created by JessyPop
Original channel


Status Sequel
Related shows Het Huis Anubis, House of Anubis, Das Haus Anubis and Anubis Unlocked.

House of Isis is a Nickelodeon sequel to House of Anubis. It was wanted by fans, and the writers decided it will be good for Nickelodeon for House of Anubis fans. It occurs after Anubis students graduate, and all the other houses. The houses are refilled for other students planning to be educated at the school. 


  • House of Hello: The Isis students arrive at the house. Some students meet each other, and some students return to see their friends and best friends. Clover is disappointed to be sharing the same room with Charlie. A arrival party takes place, and some of the students discover something. House of Beginnings: Mac, Ethan and Destiny discover something they never should have discovered. Summer hangs out with August, and they have a good time. Will this turn into a relationship?

Main CharactersEdit

There is eight students of House of Isis.

  • Charlotte "Charlie" Anera; a student from America who doesn't know anyone at the house, but meets Mac, Ethan and Destiny. She has an interest in writing. (female)
  • Mackenzie "Mac" Lement; a student who is a duty fulfiller. He is best friends with Joshy and Clover. Mac and Joshy usually watch detective shows together. He's quite a bookworm. (male)
  • Summerell "Summer" Roberts; a student who is interested in Art. She's usually never the one who would be suspect for cheating and etc, but will that change? She's best friends with August. (female) 
  • Auguststine "August" Lennon; a student who is assertive and outspoken. He's a leader. He's also from America, but moved to England when he was six years old. He's best friends with Summer. (male)
  • Joshua "Joshy" Darman; a student who is independent, original, analytical, and determined. He's interested in sports. He's best friends with Mac and watches detective shows with him. (male) 
  • Clover Lean; a student who is very sassy. She isn't afraid to tell you something that she thinks. If she thinks you look like a slob, she will say it. She's best friends with Mac. (female)
  • Destiny Sue; a student who is interested with music. She has a crush on August, and may have a feud with Summer because of him. She usually goes to Charlie for advice, and they become quick best friends. (female)
  • Ethan Bowser; a student who is a big joker. He usually pranks the other students of Isis and usually gets in trouble as the outcome. He's friends with Charlie and good friends with August. (male)

Rumors about Season 1Edit

  • One character will leave in the middle of the season.
  • The show will be moved from Nickelodeon to TeenNick.
  • It will replace the 9:00 line up, originally Degrassi's line up. FALSE.
  • Old characters like Nina Martin and Fabian Rutter from the previous TV show, House of Anubis may reappear at a couple of rare moments and they will reference past events. 
  • Character names are rumored. It's rumored that one will be called Daisy. FALSE.
  • Two episode names have been rumored; House of Surprises and House of Acceptance.
  • Love interests will spark. TRUE


  • Charlie Anera's last name actually came from Panera.
  • The second episode was originally named House of Discoveries, but it was renamed to House of Beginnings.
  • The show was originally going to be about House of Anubis but in an AU.

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