House of Newbies/House of New Mysteries
Season 1, Episode 1 & 2
Airdate June 21, 2013
Full Episode Episode 1 (unavailable)

Episode 2 (unavailable)

Episode Guide
House of Return/House of Traps
House of Newbies/House of New Mysteries is the first and second episodes of the first season of House of Newbies.

The episode aired on June 21, 2013, and was written and directed by user Olympus233.

The following episode is titled House of Return/House of Traps.


House of NewbiesEdit

The newbies at Anubis settle in on their first day. Dexter goes on a outside date with Erin. Cassie becomes friends with Darryl. The other kids, who were not present in the Season 3 (of HOA) movie, try to make friendships with the others. The house also has something shocking happen.

House of New MysteriesEdit

Sibuna members investigate after a earthquake manages to unlock something from a wall in the cellar. Cassie and Dexter get locked in the backroom of the cellar by accident.


  • Cassie Tate
  • Erin Blakewood
  • Dexter Lloyd
  • Darryl Fulman
  • Jacob Totman
  • Tiffany Johnson
  • Scott Logar
  • Regina Blackring
  • Joshua Erikson
  • Eric Sweet

Full EpisodesEdit

  • House of Newbies (link not yet available)
  • House of New Mysteries (link not yet available)

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