House of Twitter InfoEdit

Set after Season 2 Finale!

Nina: TheChosen1

Fabian: FabesRutter

Amber: PrettyinPink

Alfie: JokesterPrince

Jerome: PranksterKing1

Mara: Bookworm101

Joy: SinglePringle

Mick: Sportsholic

Patrica: Punkrockergul101

Eddie: TheOsariandude

Victor: VictorBoss

Trudy: Motherfigure2

The storyEdit

TheChosen1 tweeted: @FabesRutter cannot wait for tomorrow!

PrettyinPink tweeted: @FabesRutter @TheChosen1 are you going on a date?

PrettyinPink retweeted this!

more soon

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