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*Nina and Jerome walk into the bikesheds, Nina clutching the bag with the stuff

Nina: Where do you think the mysterious bloke is?

Jerome: Nina I think I know who it is its Ru---.

Rufus: Hello Nina

Nina: Hello Creep

Jerome: I swear to god Rufus is you hurt Nina you will have me to anwser to.

Rufus: Really, now Nina do you have th stuff?

Nina: Yes but what the hell do you want them for anyway?

Rufus: Oh you'll see, Jerome leave now

Jerome: Fine

  • Jerome stomps out of the bikesheds*

Rufus: Now Nina give me the necklace first.

  • Nina takes off her locket and hands it to Rufus*
  • Rufus grabs hold of Ninas arm and sticks the pin in it letting the blood drip into the vial*
  • Nina Passes Out*
  • 15 minutes later she wakes up*

Nina: So now you have them what are you going to do with them.

Rufus: Im going to find the Cup of Ankh and put your blood in it so you die when I drink from it.

Nina: Well how are you going to find it.

Rufus: I'll think of something.

  • Rufus walks over to Nina and drugges her and carries her back to Anubis House*

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