• Back at Anubis Fabian runs in*

Fabian: Guys, some random guy phoned Nina up and is threating her to go to the Bikesheds with some very important items that he needs.

Jerome: I'm coming Rutter I have a feeling I know who it is.

  • No one else says anything*

Joy: Just let her go Fabian that way if she gets killed I can go out with you instead of that stupid American

  • Jerome rushes up to Joy and Punches her in the nose, and then runs out with Fabian up to Nina's Room*

  • In Ninas room*

Nina: there thats everything.

Jerome (through the door): Nina dont go you dont know what the guy will do to you afterwards.

  • Nina Comes out*

Nina: I have to and only one of you is coming with me.

Jerome: I'll go with you if thats Ok wIth Fabian

Fabian: Yeah its fine with me just be careful.