(Jerome walks into Nina's room)

Jerome: Nina!

(Jerome cradles Nina's head in his lap)

(Trudy walks in)

Trudy: What happened to Nina?

Jerome: She was stabbed

Trudy: Jerome, I'm so sorry

Jerome: You should'nt be sorry, but the person who did this will be

(Trudy leaves and Jerome carries Nina to the local Funeral Parlour)

(Back at Anubis, Jerome is sat outside)

Jerome: When I find out who did this I will kill him

Rufus: Will you now, you can't even get near me

(Jerome rips up a rock and throws it at Rufus, knocking him out)

Jerome: Can't I now?

(Jerome goes back inside)

(Mid morning at the local funeral parlour)

Worker 1: Why is that casket twitching?

Worker 2: It ain't twitchin' you're just goin' crazy

(Nina pushes open her casket lid)

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