(The next day)

Nina: Jerome do you want to go for a walk around the garden

Jerome: Sure, anything for you

Nina: (Kisses him)

(In the garden, wooden bullets fly everywhere)

Nina: (Pulls Jerome down) what the hell

(Nina and Jerome get shot in the back and get thrown into Rufus' Van)

(At the abandoned warehouse, Nina and Jerome are tied to chairs)

Rufus: Wake up sleepyheads

Nina: Huh what OW!

Jerome: Nina Oh god this hurts

Jack: Tell us where you hid the statue and the cup

Nina: No way

(Jacks rips Nina's locket off and hold her wrist to the sun)

Nina: GOD- AHH this hurts

Joy: If you dont tell us we'll just burn you

Nina: Ok fine its in the cellar

Jack: Smart girl (puts Nina's Locket back on her)

(They all leave locking the door)

Jerome: Nina we need to get out of here

Nina: I know we've got an hour maximum, hang on I think I can reach that knife with my foot

(Nina kicks the knife up and it cuts her ropes)

Jerome: Wow

(Nina cuts Jerome free)

(Nina starts screaming and clutching her mouth)

Jerome: Oh no

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