Jerome: Nina

Nina: Yeah

Jerome: If you're still alive then why are Rufus, Jack, Joy and a bunch of werewolves outside the door

Nina: I don't know

Rufus: Now you have no choice but to give us the real cup and the statue

Nina: Don't I

Jerome: Yeah we do

Joy: Really

Nina: Yes we do

Jerome: Werewolves won't attack vampires by someone telling them to, they have to see us

Nina: Jerome they have seen us

Jerome: Good point Run

(Nina and Jerome run off into the clearing, with the werewolves chasing them)

Nina: They're alot faster than I thought

Jerome: Yeah, wait do you have any silver on you

Nina: Yes why

Jerome: Throw it at them

(Nina throws the silver at the werewolves, incapacitating them for a few seconds)

(Jerome and Nina run back to Anubis)

Jerome: That was too close

Nina: Yeah good call on the silver thing

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