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Fabian Rutter (most), Willow Jenks (crush), Eddie Miller (idol)

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House of Arrivals/House of Presents


Chinese, American, Filipino





This is a fanfic made by Jmpua1263, hope you appreciate it. I'm a big fan of HOA. In my profile, I don't have much but just chat me if you want.

Season FanficsEdit

Season 1Edit

"Season 1 is the first Season of my HOA Fanfiction." -Jmpua1263


The characters are Nia Martin(Nina), Fresh Rutter(Fabian), Layla Williamson(Patricia), Edward Miller(Eddie), Shandell Jenks(Willow), Ann Millington(Amber), Diana Jaffray(Mara), Lili Williamson(Piper), Janine Mercer(Joy), Louie Lewis(Alfie), Michael Campbell(Mick), and Jhake Clarke(Jerome). There is also a main protagonist, Victor Ravenshina Jr. He has two henchmans named David Fromasher and Penleon Lionbee. They all live in Inigil House


  • Episodes
Epi. # Epi. Name Story Summary Epi.# Overall Notes
1-5 House of Meetings/ House of Friends/  House of Doors/ House of Rooms/ House of Frenemies In House of Meetings, Nia gets into the Inigil House, she shouts "Hello! Is anybody Home". Victor hears her shout and gets angry, Fresh and Shandell calms Victor. Nia says thanks to them. In House of Friends, Layla blames Nia because Layla thought that Nia let Janine go. Nia says that she doesn't know her. In House of Doors, House of Rooms, and House of Frenemies, Nia shares a room with Layla and Diana, Layla spills chocolate milk at Nia.


  • Edward, Lili, Janine and Penleon will not appear.
6-7 House of Frenemies II/ House of Keys In both episodes, Diana saw Layla looking at chats of Shandell and Ann at ChattaTalk. Diana tells Shandell, forcing Shandell to fight with her. Nia talks to Ann for almost 2 hours, Shandell interupted, Ann tells Shandell to calm down, she calms down. Shandell talks fast, no one can understand her, Nia tells Shandell to forgive Layla. The gossip was spreaded in the whole school, everyone hates Layla, Layla makes up with Shandell. They become friends, even Layla is friends with Nia now. Ann saw a room full of drawers, in them are keys. 6-7 None
8-9 House of Fears/ House of Magiss In House of Fears, Ann tells Fresh and Nia about the keys, they see a sign that says "keep OUT!", but they still get in, they lock the door. They see the oldest drawer, they look in it, there is a paper that says "Look up!", they look up, they find a secret door, they find a solid gold cabinet, they open it, they find something. In House of Ligini, they find six keys, Golden Key, Moon Key, Star Key, Skull Eye Key, Amethyst Key and Iron Key. Ann tells them to get the keys and make a group named Ligini(Inigil backwards), but Nia thinks of is Magiss. Ann agrees. They all shout "Magiss Club!". They go down, they go out then they saw... 8-9
  • Janine is back.
  • Penleon is with Edward.
10-11 House of Surprise/ House of Enemies They see Janine, Victor, and Diana together and Janine is pointing at them telling they stole something. Magiss tells that they didn't stole anything. Victor asks why they were there. They said that they took a quick look. Victor believes them and ignores Janine. Fresh asks Nia if they could go out on a date. 10-11
  • Janine is became the 1st Dareverdor.
12-15 House of Darevedors/ House of Mirrors/ House of Evil/ House of April Fools Janine became a Darevedor, she affected Layla, Layla affected Edward, Edward affected Louie and Louie affected Jhake. Rose Farrdon, a korean-exchange student, spies on the five. In House of April Fools, Nia gets pranked all week. 12-15 None

House of IQ/ House of Black/ House of Promises/ House of E/ House of E II

In house of IQ, Janine, Layla, Edward, Louie and Jhake gets cured. Diana makes a Quiz Bee. The contestants are. #1-Rose Farrdon, 2-Janine, 3-Nia. Nia and Rose tied at the score of 897 points, they fight to spell a 200 point word "MISSISIPPI", Nia won.

  • Rose cured the Darevedors with the Majesty Key.
21 House of The Majesty Key After the House of E II, Janine kissed Edward, making Diana leave. In this episode, Fresh asks Nia to be his girlfriend, Nia says she'll think about it, Janine is jealous of Nia, she calls Shandell on her phone, they talk about Nia. Ann hears their conversation. Ann threats them. While Ann threats them, they hear that there will be a baking contest tomorrow. 21
  • Diana, Lili, and Shandell will not appear.
  • Shandell and Diana are mentioned.
22 House of Baking The Iginil Residents go to a baking contest in Isis House. While others get distracted, Lili, Layla, Fresh and Nia goes to Isis House Underground-Basement to find the Blue Dragon Statue that can heal Janine and Louie. Louie becomes unconcious, Lili kisses him. Finally, the Iginil Residents won because of Diana's yummy choco-cupcakes. 22
  • Lili secretly kisses Louie.
23 House of Gifts It's Christmas and the school picks Secret Santas, Nia picks Janine, Nia sings a song with Ann and Layla as a gift to Janine, Janine cries joyfully. Fresh kisses Nia, Nia says yes to Fresh, making Janine jealous. Then, Janine runs away. 23 None
24-25 House of Quiet/ House of Lovers (House of Hearts) In House of Quiet, Edward, Nia and Fresh spy on Victor. Trudelinne (Trudy) walks down the hallway to find Rose Farrdon, Nia sees Tudelinne walking. Asks her what she's doing, Trudelinne says she finding Rose, Nia helps her. Rose steals the Magiss keys, turning them to Magmiss keys, because of her Majesty Key. She gets out of Nia and Ann's room. Nia sees her, then fades to dust. Nia think she was hallusinating. In House of Hearts/Lovers, Nia still looks for her, she bumps to Fresh and hugs him, while hugging him he sees Rose with the keys, Fresh asks, Nia says nothing, Nia goes to her and Ann's room, she sees the keys are gone. Ann, Nia, and Fresh asks Layla and Louie to be in the Magiss Club, they agree... 24-25
  • Magiss becomes Magmiss.
  • It is revealed that Rose has Invisibility Powers.

House of A Million Roses/ House of CartoonMagiss/ House of Shows/ House of Basements

Shandell comes back with Lili. Nia looks at the door and it is full of paper dolls of Fresh and herself. She sees Rose burning them. When Nia goes to Rose, Rose fades again. Nia sees a picture of Janine kissing Fresh. Nia becomes heartbroken. Shandell sees the picture while Nia cries, Shandell suspects that some of her tear drops become gold then becomes water again. Meanwhile, Layla gets angry at Lili and asks where did she go, Layla got so worried. Lili tells that she visited their Grandmother, Katrina del Rio-williamson. In House of CartoonMagiss (House of The Cartoons), the House of Inigil will be Cartooned. 26-29
  • Shandell and Lili are back.
  • Shandell admits she went to Philippines and the Antartican Land.
  • Lili says to Layla that Lili visited their grandmother.
30-34 House of Gone/ House of Shy/ House of Breakups/ House of Gadgets/ House of Ice

In House of Gone, Ekelires de Moregene (a New Dutch Student) comes to school with a large bag with pizzas. Nia befriends him. Making Fresh jealous. The teacher, Mrs. Isidiro, calls the names (for a private meeting):

  • Ekelires de Morgene
  • Fresh Rutter
  • Nia Martin
  • Abbey Nereona Millington
  • Shandell Jenks
  • Louie Lewis
  • Jhake Clarke

They talk about the Singing Contest in the Festival:

  • Ekelires: DJ
  • Fresh: Backup Singer, Dancer
  • Nia: Co-Singer
  • Ann: Lead Singer
  • Shandell: Lead Dancer
  • Louie: Backup Hip-hop Dancer
  • Jhake: with Louie

While the Festival Begins, Ekelires is gone, they will find him... In House of Breakups, Gadgets and Ice, Nia breaksup with Fresh due to the picture. They find a 3 oPhones,  3 oPads, 3 oPods and 2 oCPhones for the Inigil Residents. Diana chooses oPad, they use the House Wifi, Diana looks at "VideoYouTube". She looks at Top 5 videos:

  • 5: The Women Jokes- 56,000,567 views
  • 4: Michael Campbell on Antartica II- 59,671,004 views and 12M likes
  • 3: In the Morons- Unknown, maybe 59+ million views
  • 2: Howard II: Episode 4: Ships and Corals- 178,872,645 views
  • 1: Antartica Michael Interview XVI- 708,736,342 views and 82M likes

She looks at the Vidoes (highlited on the top). She see Top 4...Top 1...Then, Michael asks (entering the house) where is Trudelinne. Diana become inlove with him... 

  • Ann's full name is revealed
  • Michael has a first appearance in House of Gadgets (in oPad), officialy in House of Ice
  • o's is Parody of Apple's i.
  • VideoYouTube is a parody of You Tube.
  • Michael is very rich.
35-39 House of Dignity/ House of Smiles and Tiles/ House of Magnets/ House of Siblings/ House of Many Films In House of Dignity, Diana goes to Rose's room, asking her why she has many portraits of "Joy". 35-39 Coming Soon...
40 House of Long Ways Coming Soon... 40-45
  • This is a long story.
41-45 House of Likes/House of None/ House of Deals/ House of Ghosts/ House of Shines and Mines Coming Soon... 46-50 Coming Soon...
46-50 House of History/ House of Mess/ House of Egyptians/ House of Time/ House of None Coming Soon... 51-55 Coming Soon...
51 House of Ships Coming Soon... 56 Coming Soon...
52 House of A New Resident Jm Pua is a new chinese student. 57
  • JmPua1263 appears in this episode as Jm Pua
53 House of Magmiss  Coming Soon... 58 Coming Soon...
54 House of The New Member Coming Soon... 59 Coming Soon...
55 House of The Known Orisians Coming Soon... 60 Coming Soon...
56-60 House of Honor/ House of My Savior/ House of Whiles/ House of The Dragon/ House of The Dragon II (House of Done Mysteries) Coming Soon... 61-65
  • Last Episode of Season 1. Official.

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