Legally BlondeEdit

If you have seen the film 'Legally Blonde' then I will write a story about it. It is about Fabina. By Jarafan101

Elle- Nina

Emmett- Fabian

Warner- Made up charectar, Jasper

Vivian- Made up charectar Lexi

Paulette- Amber

Bruce- Alfie

Serena- Mara (close friend of Nina)

Margot- Joy (close friend of Nina)

Eddie, Patrica ad Jerome are just friends

Paulette's ex husband- Mick

Set when they are 20.

Part 1Edit

(Patrica, Mara and Joy are outside Nina's door)

Joy: tonight's the big night!

Mara: Jasper is going to propose to Nina!

Patrica: it's so going to be a pink wedding!

(They walk into Nina's room)

Nina: hey guys!

Joy: so what are you going to wear for the you know what?

Nina: a pink dress. Can you look after Brusier for me? They won't let him into the restarant

Mara: I wonder what the ring will look like

Nina: I've been giving hints and well said a pink diamond

Patrica: this night is going to be so romantic... for you

Nina: fellow Anubis girls, as your president I demand that we have a all night long party

(Doorbell rings)

Nina: that's him! Wish me luck

(Nina walks out the door)

Nina: Jasper!

Jasper: you look amazing

Nina: I know. So where are we going?

Jasper: your faveouite restarant

Nina: can't wait!

Part 2Edit

(At the restarant)

Nina: I hear that the soup is to die for... whats wrong?

Jasper Nina I have something to tell you

Nina: yes!

Jasper: we've been dating for a while now and-

Nina: yes!

Jasper: think we should break up

Nina: I will marry you- wait... what!

Jasper: I know this is sudden

Nina: I thought you where going to propose... (cries)

Jasper: Nina, I'm so sorry-

Nina: why!

Jasper: I am going to Harvard to study law and well my parents think your a distraction

Nina: (storm off back into the house)

Mara: lets see the ring!

Nina: there is no ring... he broke up with me

Joy: Nina

(Nina upstairs to her room)

Patrica: we should leave her...

(Next day, Nina is on her laptop looking at Harvard)

Nina: (runs out of room) girls! I'm going to Harvard!

Joy: why go there, that's where smart people go

Nina: not for that reason, so I can prove to Jasper that I am not a dumb Brunette!

Part 3Edit

(Nina does her test, the test comes through the post)

Mara: what does it say?

Nina: (opens the envelope) I passed!

(Everyone screams)

Nina:when I come back I will have a ring on my finger

(Nina puts her stuff in her car)

Nina: ready to go Brusier? Bye girls. I'll be on the phone everyday (drives off)

(A few hours later, Nina comes into Harvard law)

Nina: um excuse me?

Doorman: yes

Nina: canyou bring my stuff up. Room 102?

Doorman: of course, and welcome to Harvard

Nina: thanks, come on Brusier

(Brusier and Nina follow the doorman into the building, Nina is at her first class)

Teacher: so if the person who committed the crime would be the accuser, who would be the one who was attacked?

(Lexi puts her hand up)

Lexi: victim. And sir shouldn't everyone have a laptop and not a pink notepad

Teacher:Miss Martins, you need a laptop. Miss Martins, if you where a judge and you had to make some guilty or innocent for a person who was shoplifting, what would you pick?

Nina: depends if it was desgnier label

(Class laughs)

Teacher: Miss Martins. I don't want people in my class who don't want to learn

Part 4Edit

(Nina walks outside crying. She sits on a bench)


Nina: hi

Fabian: you had Callahan? I also have him for law. he gets more nicer as the year goes on. I'm Fabian Rutter

Nina: Nina Martin

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