Made by Jarafan101. Jara story. Mara has a secret.

Episode 1:Edit

(Breakfast; everyone is silent)

Trudy: no ones touced any of my toast! Jerome, you love white bead. I bought it for you

Jerome: sorry Trudy. I'm not hungry

Mara: you can be so childish sometimes

Amber: oh no! You broke up!

Mara: we did

Alfie: you never told me

Jerome:it's nobodys business

Mara: they deserve to know

Patrica: now's not the time guys

Fabian: Patrica's right

Nina: we'll leave you alone

(Everyone leaves but Mara and Jerome)

Mara: why do this Jerome?

Jerome: you've changed Mara

Mara: I have a reason

Jerome: don't tell me another lie (walks out)

Mara: (whispering and crying) I'm pregnant

(Next scene Alfie and Jerome's room)

Alfie: what happened, first you where Jara now your Jerome and Mara

Jerome: I think she hates me

Alfie: I know what happened two months ago

Jerome: how did you-

Alfie: Jerome. I'm no doctor but think she might be pregnant

Jerome: thats it! I'm so stupid

Alfie: but you shouldn't talk to her now. Let this blow over

Jerome: yeah, your right

(Mara is in the living room, Mick walks in)

Mick: Mars... are you ok?

Mara:no. Jerome's being a jerk, as usual.My minds messed up

(Mick and Mara kiss, Jerome walk in then walks out)

Episode 2:Edit

Mara: Mick!

Mick I've been waiting for you to dump Jerome and-

Mara: I'll think about it

(Outside, Mara sees Jerome and walks over to him)

Mara: I was getting worried when you didn't show up to dinner

Jerome: I didn't want to interupt you and Mick- I know Mara

Mara: is it that obvious?

Jerome: why didn't you tell me?

Mara: I don't know.

Jerome: your like a puzzle, I keep on finding missing peices. Are we still?

Mara: broken up? I'm not sure. I have to think about it

Jerome: okay then. Friend

(Mara is on the laptop, Joy comes in)

Joy: whens it due?


Joy: the English essay, whens it due?

More coming soon. Who shoul Mara chose Jerome or Mick

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