It was a new term at England's most prestigious boarding school and at Anubis house, Amber, Patricia, Joy, Fabian, and Trudy were waiting joyfully (especially Joy;)) for the other students to arrive. When a car arrives, a girl gets out, with a flowery dress and many, many bags. That girls name is... Willow a new student, who waits for another vehicle to arrive, and when it does a skinny boy gets out ans when he hears high pitched scream he smiles and turns around and says "Ambs, I've missed you so much", but it turns out it wasn't Amber that was screaming, it was Willow she said "ALFIE LEWIS!" and hugs him. Amber walks up and says " um, Alfie that is not your gf". Just a few meters away Mara and Jerome see each other from across the parking lot. They run up to each other and kiss and simultaneously say "I've missed you" and laugh while walking back to the house. Fabian walks out when a cab comes and waits for Nina to open the door but instead it was Eddie. Fabian says " oh, hey have you seen Nina at the airport" Eddie says" um i didnt"

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