Alright so this is a glimpse of my new story Newbies. Tell me if I should continue or not!! Happy Reading!! :)

Chapter 1: New School, New People! Edit

A red head entered the building looking around. The place was amazing. It was filled with people that were dancing, playing intruments, drawing or painting. She held the schedule in her hand and looked at it trying to figure out where her class is. Without knowing she bumped into someone.

"Ow! Watch were your going" She said getting up. She brushed herself off and looked at who she bumped into. 

"Why don't you?" The girl asked. Patricia rolled her eyes. "Wait you're a newbie right?" The girl asked. Patricia nodded. "Yeah don't come in my way and your life here won't be so miserable!" The girl said.

"You don't wanna know what I'm like so kindly back off or your life here will be miserable" The red replied. The girl rolled her eyes and walked off. The red head continued walking until she ran into another person. A guy with spikey, dirty blonde hair, wearing a leather jacket, jeans, and Nike shoes. 

"Again! Gosh people need to stop that" She muttered. 

"Name's Eddie, and Welcome to Hollywood Arts" He said. "What's yours?" He asked.

"Patricia" She replied.

"New girl?" A voice asked from behind Eddie. He turned around to reval a girl with dirty blonde hair that had a few curls to it. She was wearing a blue flowly top, dark jeans, blue wedges, and blue earrings. "Hi I'm Nina! I see you've meet my twin Eddie" She said.

"I'm Patricia and I just moved here" Patricia said. 

"Oh. Well noticing that you have an accent your not from here are you?" Nina asked.

"No I'm moved here from U.K." Patricia replied.

"British girl! Nice" Eddie said.

"Keep your mouth shut, Slimeball" Patricia said glaring at Eddie.

"Someone's fierce" Eddie replied.

"Patricia! There you are" A voice said. Patricia turned around and saw the brown hair boy, wearing a blue shirt with a black jacket, and black jeans with Tennis Shoes. He ran over to Patricia and stood next to her.

"Oh is he your boyfriend?" Nina asked.

"No he's my brother! I forgot to mention that I'm here with my brother Fabian and my twin Piper" Patricia replied. Nina nodded.

"Gosh Patricia! Stop doing that!" A voice said. Patricia turned and saw the girl that looked exactly like her. 

"Identical twins?" Nina questioned. Fabian nodded. 

So tell me what you think?! Should I continue?? Plus if you wanna read the full story I'll give out the link to it!! :) 

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