Nina is a witch and tells Fabian.

Part 1: The truthEdit

(Nina walks into school)

Nina: I forgot my books! (clicks her fingers and her books appear) much better (walks into class)

Fabian: Nina! (kisses her cheek)

Joy: makes me want to vomit

Mara: just because you haven't got a boyfriend

Jerome: yeah, just because you haven't got a boyfriend (kisses Mara's cheek)

Amber: I wish Mrs Andrews won't give us a test

Nina: (clicks her fingers) don't worry. She problay forgotten

(Mrs Andrews walks in)

Mrs Andrews: settle down class. Now I was going to give you a test but it's such a nice day

Amber: did you do something?

Nina: shush! Fabian will hear you

Amber: you have to tell him sooner or later

Nina: I'm going with later

(Joy is writing a note to Patrica)

Patrica: who do you thinks dateable?

Joy: rule out Jerome, Alfie and Eddie

Patrica: Mick?

Mrs Andrews: Patrica! Joy!

Nina's POV

I wish this class would end

(The bells goes)

Mrs Andrews: that was quick...

more coming soon