Patrome hehehe

patromes lovers

Startes off from the End of Season 2 CLICK THE IMAGE IT MOVES XD

Patricia's PovEdit

Yes coming back to anubis house i'm dating Eddie Mara's Dating Jerome which for some reason angres me I don't know why it just does. I walked threw the Large doors of the house i was finally back..

Jerome's POVEdit

I was dating Mara.. And Patricia was dating Eddie every time I think about that I grinned my teeth i don't know why i just do. I like Mara but is it possible i like Trixie too. No no It's trixie the goth Pixie no no no. But maybe i do...


Patrome both walk up to the house at the same time then look at each other

Jerome- After you

Patricia- thank you walks threw the doorway fowlloed by Jerome so how was your summer

Jerome- good.. Not to sound rude but why are you talking to me

Patricia- What do you mean?

Jerome- You never talked to me last year

Patricia- I was busy with Sibuna You know if i had the chance i would have

Jerome- Not now that your with Eddie Grines teeth

Patricia- Or your with Mara has the urge to punch something So anyways

Jerome -Yeah um it's great to see you again

patricia- You two about to walk up staires

Jerome- Trixie!?

patricia- Yeah

Jerome- It really is nice... Seeing you again

patricia- I know your with Mara but gives him a quick peck on the cheek I did mean it that peck would have been something else if we were not dating other people thinks to herself I DID NOT JUST SAY THAT OUTLOUD

Jerome- Well um I'll talk to you later Trixie runs into a chair

Patricia- Walks up the stairs thinking what a dufus and but i think i might like that dufus...