Aria- Nina

Ali- Joy

Spencer- Mara

Hanna- Amber

Emily- Patrica

Jenna- Poppy

Eriza- Fabian

Toby- Jerome

Mona- Trina (made up charectar)

Caleb- Alfie

Based on the Pretty Little liars books and TV show. But Fabian isn't a teacher, Eddie is dating Patrica and Mick is just Mick.

Part 1Edit

Nina: Imagine you are sixteen, middle of summer, you and your friends are enjoying a sleepover in Mara's barn that she built for her to live in. But what if that night was ruined, when Joy disapared.

(Nina, Joy, Patrica, Mara and Amber are in the barn sitting around a fire)

Joy: lets play a game...

Amber: where not kids

Joy: truth or dare

Nina: I don't think so

Joy: come on Nins! Friends have to tell each other secrets. It keeps us close

Mara: and they can break apart

Joy: fine, if we aren't going to do anything fun we might as well go to sleep. Night

(Midnight, Nina wakes up)

Nina: Amber, Patrica. Where's Joy and Mara?

Amber: I think Joy went to the bathroom

(Mara walks bck in)

Mara: I heard screams. I woke up Joy wasn't there- she's gone

(One year later)

Nina: after that day we grew apart, I geuss Joy was the glue that was keeping us together. We had stopped being friends

(School, Nina and Patrica are sitting next to each other)

Patrica: hey Nina

Nina: hey Patrica

Patrica: can you believe it? It's been a year and they haven't found Joy's body

Nina: she might not be dead

(Amber walks in with Mara and they sit down)

Amber: we've got to talk. We can't go on like this

(Fabian enters the class)

Amber: who is he?

Mara: hes no Jerome

Patrica: (rolls her eyes)

Amber: or Alfie.

Nina: that's Fabian

Amber: you know him!

Nina: I met him twice Amber: you have to tell me everything!

Patrica: guys, its been a year since-

Mara: I hate talking about it

Nina: here comes Mrs Andrews

(They all sit down)

Mrs Andrews: settle down class! We have two students with us toay. Nina has just come back from...

Nina: Iceland

Mrs Andrews: yes Iceland! And we have Fabian Rutter

Trina: Ambs

Amber: what?!

Trina: do you think I have a chance with the new boy

Amber: take my advice... no

(An hour later, Fabian taps Nina on the shoulder)

Fabian: hey

Nina: hey Fabian, long time no see

Fabian: I was wondering if maybe you wanted to... have lunch together

Nina: yeah, why not. So a lot's changed since I last saw you

Fabian: yeah. I think I remember us kissing

Nina: yeah! Good memoray! I have to go. Patrica is waiting for me, bye!

(Patrica enters her home)

Patrica: mum! I'm home

(Patrica's mum walks in)

P's Mum: glad your back, we have new niegbours. I want you to take these for them (hands her brownies)

Patrica: (sighs) Fine, just this one time!

(Patrica walks over to the miller house and knocks on the door)

Patrica: hurry up and answer the door already!

(Eddie opens the door)

Patrica: hi, my names....

Eddie: hey, I'm Eddie

Patrica: Patrica, my mum made some brownies for you

Eddie: um.. ok

more coming soon

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