--------------------------------------------------------------------Chapter 1-------------------------------------------------------------------

"Hi Trudy!" Fabian shyly said as he walked threw the door.

"Hi my lovely!" she responded in her usual tone.

"Am I the first one?"

"Yes, but Sweetie is about to pick-up Nina, Eddie, and KT from the airport."

"Why Mr.Sweet?"

"The taxi service was closed today and nobody else was available to pick them up."

"Oh, okay."

----------------------------------------------------------Meanwhile at the airport----------------------------------------------------------

"Hi Nina." said Eddie as he walked off the plain with KT.

"Oh, so this is the famous Nina that Fabian talked about last year." said KT.

"Yes that's me" replied Nina. "Im so excited to see everyone again, how was the adventure last year?"

"Fun!" KT and Eddie both sIdd sarcastically.

"Hey, is that, Dad." said Eddie.

"Wait did you just say dad? Nina remarked.

"Thats everyoness reaction." said Eddie.

"Hi Edison, sorry, Eddie!" Mr.Sweet replied.

"Im so glad they turned Three Towers into a college!"said KT.

(Im not sure if that is the name so please dont leave hate comments!)



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