patrica is absolutely heartbroken when eddie breaks up  with her  and she's kicked out of sibun what will she do read and find out

house of sadness Edit

patrica : what do you want me for i'm very busy you know

eddie : um how do i say this'm ..i'm breaking up with you 

patrica : whatever 

eddie : what your not sad ...your not heartbroken .. how do you do that 

patrica : i was never that intrested in you anyway 

patrica got up and left i know she acted like she didn't care about what eddie has just told her but inside she felt heartbroken she could feel the tears coming down her eyes she had never cried before.

she opened the door to her room 

sitting on her bed  were nina, amber , joy , fabian , alfie , and jerome 

patrica : what are you guys doing here she said trying to act cool 

nina : um this is going to hard but .. but

amber : were kicking you out of sibuna 

patrica : what .. how i've done nothing wrong 

nina ; sorry patrica but if we are going to suceed we don't really need you 

patrica ; what ... joy 

joy : sorry trish but neens right 

patrica : neens 

all of sibuna get up and leave [ including joy ]

patrica : what i can't bel 

she faints 

she wakes up and goes downstairs

in the living room she hears voices familiar ones 

the doors slightly open she decides to eavesdrop 

nina and eddie are in there 

nina : did you brake up with her 

eddie ; yes 

nina : good 

eddie kisses nina on the cheek 

patrica is furious and stomps off 

patrica ; i'm fed up of being old ugly punk patrica anubis house better watch out because there's going to be a new patrica. 

patrica leaves anubis house and goes to the hairdreeses

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