Hey! This story is created by Jarafan101 please don't edit on my work as I have lost my password. This story is about Sibuna and the non SIbuna memebers time travelling to the future to meet their children.

Mara and Jeromes kids:

Talia Clarke- 16. Like Mara (Likes Mason)

Leo Clarke- 16. Talia's twin brother. Like Jerome (Likes Tessa) Like Jerome

Peyton Clarke- 4. Youngest Clarke child. Like Mara and Jerome


Nina and Fabians kids:

Margo Rutter- 16. (Likes Leo) Like Nina

Charlene Rutter- 13. Like Nina and Fabian

Eva Rutter- 7. Like Fabian

Amber and Alfies kids:

Trina Lewis- 16. (Likes Jayden) Like Amber

Mason Lewis- 16 (Likes Talia) Like Alfie (cooler though)

Alyssa Lewis- 9 Mix of Amber and Alfie

Patricia's and Eddies kids:

Jayden Miller (Sweet)- 16 (Likes Tessa and Trina) Mix of Eddie and Patrica

Hugo Miller (Sweet)- 16 (Likes Bella) Like Eddie

Carmen Miller (Sweet)- 13 Most like Patrica

Joy and Micks kids:

Bella Campbell- 16 (Likes Hugo) Looks like Joy

Tessa Campbell- 16 (Kind of likes Jayden but mostly Leo ) Mix of Mick and Joy

Jasper Campbell- 16 (Likes Margo) Mostly like Mick

Skye Campbell- 13. Mostly like Joy

Episode 1: House of FutureEdit

Nina: I'm so tired- that movie just went on and on for hours

Amber: I know I'd thought it would never end. That is so the last time that we let Alfie choose the film!

Joy: I agree with that!

Amber: Why don't we do something... fun?

Patricia: Like what?

Amber: Well invite everyone to the attic. We can have a midnight feat like two terms ago

Joy: Yeah! I'd be so up for that!

Mara: I would love to spend more time with Jerome, lets do it!

(In the attic, Midnight.)

Nina: (Laughing) Wow I haven't been up here for like ages. I feel so old

Fabian: Hey.... what's behind that sheet?

Eddie: I'll take it off (pulls of the sheet and takes a step back)

Jerome: What is that?

Alfie: An Alien spaceship?

Patricia: Lets go inside!

Amber: I don't know... lets go back to our rooms and sleep... Fine.

(They all step into the time machine and the time machine shakes, it stops and they walk out.)

Fabian: Where at the front of Anubis house?!

Amber: And it's mourning...

(A car pulls up at Anubis house. a grown up Amber and Alfie step out of the car with their two children, Trina and Mason.) GU stands for grown up.

GU Amber: Alfie! Be careful with Trina's bags!

GU Alfie: Yes Amber!

Amber: Is that me?

Alfie: And me?! I look good!

Trina: Why are you leaving us here?

GU Amber: You'll enjoy it, this is where I met your dad... Mara! Jerome!

GU Mara: Hey Amber, Alfie

GU Amber: Look at you! Your huge! How long until the babys born?

GU Jerome: A few weeks. Casey! Brad! Come on!

Mara: Jerome.... those are our kids!

Jerome: Wow. We've travelled into the future

GU Nina: I though it was you!

GU Amber: Nina! Omigosh... is that little Eva?

GU Nina: Yeah, Charlene and Margo are in the car with Fabian- is that Joy with Ali?

GU Mara: Poor Joy, being a single mum- I can't believe Micks got- cancer

GU Nina: I can't believe it either, there's Fabian!

GU Fabian: Sorry I'm late. Margo lost her phone

Margo: Dad I'm like doing to die if I don't have my phone!

Charlene: Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

Margo: Oh shut up Charlene-

GU Nina: Quiet! You'll upset Eva!

Eva: Yeah you'll upset Eva

GU Amber: We should go inside, I think Eddie and Patricia are in the living room.

(In the living room)

Peyton: Mummy! Why is there a crocodile on the table?

GU Mara: It's for decoration

GU Jerome: It's really there to eat little girls that are five!

Peyton: (cries)

GU Mara: Well done Jerome, you've made her cry!

(Trudy walks in)

Trudy: Ok, parents you will be staying in Isis house now please leave your children!

GU Amber and Alfie: Bye!

GU Nina and Fabian: Bye kids!

GU Mara and Jerome: Have fun!

GU Joy: I'll call you every single day!

(They all leave. Sibuna and the non Sibunas walk into the house and they are greeted by Trudy)

Trudy: I thought I told you to leave- I must be dreaming

Alfie: We've travelled through time!

Trudy: You can't be here!

Nina: Why not?

Trudy: Your children are here and-

Talia: Hey, I'm Talia Clarke. Nice to meet you

Jerome: Er hi, I'm Jerome Clarke and this is

Mara: Mara Jaffary

Talia: Thats freaky, my mum and dad have the exact same names as you...

Fabian: We are your parents. We are from the past.

Alfie: We got here by this machine!

Margo: so your saying that you are our parents? Prove it

Nina: I come from America, my surname is Martin?

Trudy: It's  true. They are your parents, I was their housekeeper when they where your age.

Leo: Cool!

Mason: Talia... now I know where you get your beauty from!

Talia: Aw!

Jerome: Hey!

Mason: Sorry sir! I mean Uncle Jerome, I mean...

Talia: It's fine. Jerome and Mara, Mason and I are going out

Mara: Oh well congrats, Jerome why don't we just take a walk

Jerome: Fine (Mara and Jerome exit)

Jayden: So, you must be my mum and dad

Eddie: Yeah

Patricia: Whats your name?

Jayden: Jayden and over there is Hugo. You have a daugther named Carmen too

more coming soon

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