• BridgetteWrites

    The house was silent for, perhaps, the last time before the next term started. Christmas break had came and gone much too fast for Victor, and with Trudy getting ready for the children, he barley had time to work on making the elixir. Tonight, however, Trudy was out.

    Victor started at the large bottle full of amber colored liquid. It was enough to last him for years.

    But not forever, a voice nagged in the back of his mind. He put his head in his hands and replied out loud, "No. Not forever."

    He took a tiny sip of the precious liquid. He knew he had to conserve it. Some how he would make himself immortal. He would have his forever.

    With a new found drive and the energy he gained from the elixir, Victor set off to his office. Determined to find …

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