• Crash1313

    House of Anubis: Back In

    Chapter 1: Return of the Betrayer

    Patricia let out an undignified girly squeal as the door opened rather dramatically. A girl smiled as she walked in. Joy walked over and hugged a smiling Patricia. “I can’t believe I’m back.” Joy’s smile slid off her face as she saw two people walking out the kitchen. A girl with wavy-curly hair and a boy with dark hair and a playful smirk walked in. Jerome and Alfie looked at each other with a mixture of fear and interest. Mara and Mick eyed Joy, who seemed to be considering whether to leave or stay. “Fabian. Nina” said Joy flatly. “Umm…Hello Joy!” said Nina. Joy gave her a stiff nod, noticing the two were holding hands. “The hall is not a mixer. Go, go, go!” said Victor, suddenly m…

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