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  • I live in Anubis House
  • I was born on July 24
  • My occupation is Fangirl over fictional characters and TV shows. Oh, you too?
  • I am Female
  • DaGrandeSibuna

    She finished unpacking all her stuff, waiting for everybody. She needed to talk with Fabian of the horrible nightmares she was having. They felt so real, but they were insane. All she could remember was a non-sense riddle.

    "The light, white and clear, is used by a black soul. Tears taken wrong. Dared to try, but never to reach. Revenge takes what no one desearves. Love will save what seemed lost for ever..."

    Her hand wrote everything on her diary while she was thinking in Fabian and how much she miss him. She was scared. 

    - What if ... what if it talks in part about him?... There's no way that-

    Amber entered in the room, leaving her stuff in her bed. Minutes later realized that Nina was there, sitting on the floor with her diary thinking.

    - Neeā€¦

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