She finished unpacking all her stuff, waiting for everybody. She needed to talk with Fabian of the horrible nightmares she was having. They felt so real, but they were insane. All she could remember was a non-sense riddle.

"The light, white and clear, is used by a black soul. Tears taken wrong. Dared to try, but never to reach. Revenge takes what no one desearves. Love will save what seemed lost for ever..."

Her hand wrote everything on her diary while she was thinking in Fabian and how much she miss him. She was scared. 

- What if ... what if it talks in part about him?... There's no way that-

Amber entered in the room, leaving her stuff in her bed. Minutes later realized that Nina was there, sitting on the floor with her diary thinking.

- Neens! I missed you so much, you've no idea!

- Me too Amber! How was your-

- Wait, I need to bring all my suitcases still. Help me? Pleaaaase? Then we'll talk.

Nina sighed then smiled. She was happy to have Amber back.

- Alright, let's go.

They come stairs down so fast that Nina almost fell. She then was about to go outside, when she saw him there by the corner. With his arriving, she felt as if everything was okay, that she won't be scare anymore. He dropped everything and ran to her. For both, it was the longest hug ever. Then a little kiss, 'til Alfie interruped falling over Fabian and dropping his suitcase. Everything was watered on the floor.

- Sorry, sorry, this is really heavy.

- First day Alfie and you already made a mess?

- Sorry Trudy, I'll pick everything up.

He started picking his stuff and went to his room. Nina and Fabian laughed.

- Well, I think you should bring the suitcase you left there.

- You're right, wait for me in the living room?

Amber raised her hands as trying to get attention.

- Hey! Neens! 

- Oh sorry, I've to help Amber. Start unpacking and we'll meet in the living room later.

- I like that. See you later.

They hugged once more. Then Nina and Amber went stairs up.

Fabian was picking his things when someone hugged him from his back. He turned and smiled.

- Hey Fabes, I missed you!

He was confused.

- Didn't you told me you were arriving a week later?

- For some reason, my dad wanted me to be here with everyone. So I loved it. Let me help you.

They went inside talking about the summer. Mara and Patricia arrived minutes later talking.

- Joy! I missed you!

- Oh Mara, hey! Patricia!

They then hugged. Fabian just laughed and start unpacking. Their non-stop talking about everything started as they went stairs up. Minutes later, Fabian finished and went into the kitchen to eat something. He saw her there, in the living room, more beautiful than ever. He went by the side of his girlfriend. He was happy, and he felt as the luckiest boy on Earth. Her smile became a worry frown.

- Hey, it's everything okay?

- Fabian... I've to tell you something.


'Won't Give Up', author @DaGrandeSibuna, 15 chapters, 'House of Anubis': I don't own the 'House of Anubis' title or any of its characters; the plot I may use and the characters I may add are mine. What do you think so far?

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