Follows the basics of the show will you read on after this chapter to see the twists?

OCs are Lilith(Lily) Young and Micheal (Mike) Foster.

House of Double: Two Chosen ones

The term had ended and the house would soon be empty for two weeks. The Students were busy packing for the vacation waiting to say tier goodbyes for the last moment. School had ended with a bang the completion of the Cup of Life that everyone thought was destroyed, the kiss between Nina and Fabian, the prom, and the news that Mick and Patricia would be leaving and Joy would not be returning to the school next term and Mick had already left for a new school. There was also news that three new students would be joining us since three weren't coming back. The cars had started to come a go Students leaving one by one soon only leaving Fabian and Nina in an awkward moment, they didn't hug nor kiss goodbye as they parted ways. Would they ever become a real couple or just stay in the odd state between best friends and boyfriend girlfriend? The only thing that was to be sure is that over the vacation Victor would be plotting and looking for new ways to Immortality and he would most likely enjoy the silent that would be in the house for a short time to him.

The vacation went by slow for some and fast for others, students had started arriving back at the school and back at the houses a couple days before the start of the term and the New Year. Jerome would have freshes to prank with Alfie, if Alfie ever gets tired of Amber. His lover for her was unmistakable and annoying to her and a few other people. The first ones back at Anubis house where Fabian, Mara and Amber they sat in the great room eating the treats Trudy had been baking for the return of the students. Mara tried to hide how much she missed Mick, Amber tried to care for Mara's feelings and Fabian waited for the return of Nina. The house was still mostly quiet, with a just a few sobbing sounds form Mara and a few impatient tapping sounds from Fabian. Time was going by and one one else had joined them, worry came across Fabians face since Nina had not yet arrived he didn't really care about the others, He would be happy if Jerome and Alfie never showed up but Nina had to return, they ended on an odd note and he wanted to fix that.

Back outside in the school yard more students arrived and Jerome was sneaking around behind the cars. Nina arrived at the entrance to the school and started walking towards the Anubis house, out of the corner of the eye she spot Jerome jumping over a short brick wall but didn't say anything to him. She looked around at who he could be hiding from not seeing any teachers she continued on her way. She got tot eh house and stood in front of it like she had done at the start of last term, she took her breath and entered the house a small smile came across her face the house hadn't changed and she knew it held more secrets. She looked up to see Victor staring down at her from the top of the stairs. She moved on know he would be there keeping one eye on her at all times because of last term. She left her bag in the entry way and opened the door to the great-room. Smiles came to everyone's face and the girls greeted her with hugs. Her eyes went to Fabian who was waiting for his moment.

"I think it's time for us to make our exit." Amber quietly pulled Mara out of the room, leaving them together. Nina's eyes were still on Fabian and his had moved to her. They were smiling and it was silent. Not many words were said between the two.

"How was your flight?" A word came from Fabians mouth quiet words but they were still said.

"Good, how was your ride?" Her words where more confident than his. They stepped together to share a kiss and did it was short but they didn't want everyone to see them this time. They pulled away from the kiss just as Jerome and Alfie entered picking up plates of the food for themselves but Nina and Fabian stayed close.

"People are trying to eat in here." The silent was broken and everyone entered the room again and waited for the new students. They chatted about their vacation and their thoughts on getting two new students. It would be different not have Patricia around one of the unofficial members of Sibuna. At the end of last term it was hard to say who was and who wasn't in Sibuna. You could only be sure that Mick and Mara weren't along with Joy who knew about everything that was going on; she was thought to be the chosen one at the time. Thoughts ran through every one's minds would there be another American here? It was never said out loud but everything was thinking it. Evening came upon the group and the students still had yet to arrive so they started to think that there wouldn't be new students. They went to the table and sat at their normal spots.

"So where are these students?" Amber final asked. "You would think they would be here by now." The food was already at the table and people stated to dig in. It would be odd if it was only the 6 of them for the rest of the year the house would be somewhat quiet. The still talked in between bites of food. Silence came over group at the sound of the door bell, Trudy went to the door opening it for a girl pulling in an over sized suit case plastered with stickers of Korean pop bands. She looked up at Trudy once her bag was out of the way of the door.

She held her hand of to Trudy "I'm Lily, you must be the house mother." her voice was quiet and her head stayed low. She let go of her bag and moved out of the door way. "Sorry I'm late my flight was delayed." Her eyes slowly started to look around the entry room she could hear people moving in one of the other rooms.

"It's okay, things like that happen. You're not the only one to fly in to here today." Trudy insisted and took her bag up the stairs "I believe the rest of you stuff made it in last week though. Why don't you follow me to your room and head down to dinner in a few minutes?" They got to the rooms 'You'll be sharing with Mara." she opened the door to the second upstairs room. "Boys are down girls are up and there the rest of you stuff, I already set some of it up." Trudy smiled and left the room. Lily looked around smiling she was finally here it took her awhile but she made it. She looked around the rest of the rooms finding the bath room she washed and found her slippers wear around the house. She walked down to finding the dining area and the rest of the students she looked at them but stayed quiet walked to an empty seat quickly picking up a few things to eat. "I see Lily has made it down." Trudy came in saying. "Lily why don't say a few things."

"Umm, hi I'm Lilith or Lily Young." she took another bite. "And my parents and I just moved here from South Korea." Her voice was shaky and quiet. "My parents work for the Frobisher-Smythe Egyptian Exhibition." She looked up at everyone at the moment not knowing the history of this building, Nina and Fabian stared at her with slight excitement. They still had questions left over from last term and maybe she could help them. Amber was also excited a new Sibuna member to her and a new someone to beautify. "This can't be all of us can it?" She asked noticing there was an empty place at the table.

"Everyone has had that question, we're just happy it wasn't just us this year." Nina said slowly and nicely in between her bites of food she was trying to keep her questions in. "So why did you parents pick this school for you?" That wasn't her real question but it would keep he mind off the others for now.

"The school chose me; I just wanted to come with them." She was still quiet in her answers. "So what are the rules here, I haven't been told much." She had picked up the last sweet that was at the table and put it in her mouth. She had guts to do that, normal Jerome would have taken the last sweet.

"There are a lot; we'll help you learn them quickly." Fabian said finishing his food wanting to ask the same questions Nina had. "Everything results in cleaning toilets with a tooth brush. I'll start with areas that are off limits. Attic and Basement never go in there." He looked to Nina.

"Curfew is 10; Victor will want to hear a pin drop." She said "and sometimes bag checks happen. If you stay on his good side things will go well." She looked to Fabian and took his hand for a few seconds. "You said Frobisher-Smythe earlier right? Why would there be an exhibition with that name."

"They opened an Egyptian tomb sometime in the 1900s and brought back everything they show in this exhibition. It's small since some of the things where lost." She looked at them "Why did you ask?" She was finding Nina and Fabian more talkative the others.

"This is their old home." Amber blurted out has she slapped Alfies hand always from hers. "How many things where lost. Or does anyone know?" She looked at Alfie "I"M not you GIRLFRIEND." She yelled at him time being alone in the room. "Now where is the other student and where'd Trudy go?"

"Michael will be joining us in about an hour." A male voice said "What's this talk about Exhibition." He grabbed a cup from inside the kitchen and poured himself some tea. He looked to Lily wanting to know soon.

"The Traveling Frobisher-Smythe Exhibit is arriving here soon my parents work in keeping everything and restoring things has the need to be, they also try to find the items that have been lost from the things they brought back." She studded a few times slightly nervous. "I just learned this was their house." She finished her sentence just has he left the room and then the house. "What was that about?'

"Don't ask" they all said that said that has group. "He's an odd old person Fabian broke off." He looked at Amber then Nina wanting to let her in. Trudy had walked back in and was looking at the group.

"I see everyone is getting along. And I hear that the last student will be here soon?" She had a box in her hands. "I think his stuff had already made it." She left the room again and set it in the hall. "Jerome you've been quiet are you planning something?" He did have that thinking look on his face, everyone already knew why Mara was being quiet Trudy rubbed her shoulders has she walked by setting some more sweets on the table. "How about you all wait here for the last student." She went off again.

"So what do you think Michael will be like?" Mara finally asked... Said something she had been quiet. "And I see that no one introduced their names."Victor was the man that rushed out of here, Trudy is the house mother, and Fabian and Nina are the Two talking the most Amber is the one that slapped Alfie who is sitting next to her and Jerome is the one with the evil glare on his face." She could say a lot. By then almost the hour had past with quickly with chats about the exhibit and Lily's home. She didn't say much since she couldn't tell what she had been through to them yet. Her rubber her arm just as the last student walked in and joined them. They looked at him noticing how close to Mick he was.

"A lady named Trudy told me to come in here; I'm guessing she's the house mother. I'm Michael but Mike works too." He had an odd accent is. He looked at ever one has he sat. "So where is everyone from? I'm from Queensland..."

"Mara, Jerome, Amber and I are from around here. I'm Fabian" He pointed at everyone "Nina is from America. One of our former students moved to Australia just over vacation." Fabian was still holding on to Ninas hand has Mike looked over to Lily.

"I'm from South Korea, new here to so you not alone." Her shyness started to come out again. "My parents just relocated here for work." No one was surprised at her English but Mike he had a look on his face. "Before you ask I've known English just as long as I've known Korean. Which comes in handy with my parent's job." she got up and took her plate the sink. "Now I claim first shower tonight. A 20 hour flight is not fun." She walked away going up to her new room grabbing the items she would need.

The rest of them stayed around the table for a while before Mara got up and went to her room. She didn't mind not rooming with Patricia; she could learn new things from Lily too. Mara looked at the clock finding the hands at 8:45. The only two that would be able to shower are Lily and Mike. Mara had changed and sat on her bed with a book when Lily walked in, in her cute hello kitty pjs.

"Bathrooms free, I haven't told anyone else but I would hurry if you want to do anything." she said sitting on the floor starting to dig though her bag she pulled out a free pictures, an iPod and her phone. She continued dig for her school jacket she would need for the morning. She laid out what she would need and put everything in her bag she would need while Mara was look at her dig and pack.

"That bag where'd you get it?" Mara dropped her book and went over to the bag. "I love it." The small shoulder bag was in her arm it was quilted flower print line with purple and had embossed leather straps.

"A small chart at the last Festival of the Nations I was at in Korea. I would say you can have it but I need it for now." She pulled out the rest of her clothes putting them away in tubes under her bed. She kept her jewelry bag close to her and closed to keep her secret safe. "I'll be going to bed now. Jet lag" She laid down in her bed and turned off the light by her bed, Mara put the bag and went to go get ready for bed herself. Once alone Lily pull out a necklace for her bag and put it on. She looked at the necklace in the low light the eye shape glowed at her. She stared at it has it glowed it was home she hide it under her shirt and turned over going to sleep for the night. She could hear the rest of the students rushing for bed. She looked at her phone 9:59, 10:00.

"It's 10 o'clock, you have 5 minutes then I want to hear a pin drop." Echoed though the house the last few footsteps and then silence. Her eyes close and the sight of the glow under shirt was the last thing she was that night.

Maras alarm went ofd a few seconds before her phone did she checked her necklace for the glow and sat up. She slid her feet into her slippers and went for the bath room finding a short line luckily she only had to brush her teeth. The line moved faster then she though and Mara was after here so she would just go to the room to change. She was quick with what she had to do in the bathroom so everyone could have their turn. She shuffled back to the room and changed in to her grey tights and skirt, a white oxford, her new red and yellow tie she held her jacket in her arms and tucked her necklace away. She pulled her booties on and tied them for the day she went down and grabbed a glass of hot water for her green tea she sat and had a roll with butter and a banana.

"Lily, Fabian and I were wondering if you would like to walk with us, we have a few questions for you." She looked at Lily "We'll leave when you're ready to go." She walked away her last words were off like she didn't want to do this. Fabian was her after all.

"Don't worry Lily, you're the new girl everyone will have questions for you." Trudy looked at her. "And once you knowledge of history gets out you'll be every ones text book." Those words made her giggle some.

"I only have knowledge of Egyptian history that could help anyone. Trudy." She got up. "I'll be leaving now." She took her bag and found Fabian, Amber and Nina waiting for her by the door. "I guess here all going now."

Nina and Fabian lead the way out the door they made sure no one was following them. "I'm sorry if this seems odd but what do you know about the Frobisher-Smythes?" Nina asked once out in the open school yard.

"Umm just that they had a young daughter and went to Egypt several times bring back around a hundred items from one tomb of an Egyptian princess and her priestess. The item ranged from a few dozen scrolls to 7 pieces of the Cup of Isis." She voice was still soft around them even though she was starting to trust them. "They brought back two eye shape necklace, giving one to their daughter and one the daughter of someone on the dig team." She finished has they got to the school. "Only a dozen items have lasted this long and the scrolls were formed in to the Book of Old." They walk in to the class and sat Amber taking her spot by Lily, Fabian and Nina sat in front of them. Mike sat with Mara and the Jokers sat together. "I don't know much else."

"That's okay; you know more than we do. Shush teacher." The class went quiet.

"Okay so today we start on Fairy Tales and we greet two new Students." She started handing the books out. "Page 220."

"Once upon a time a poor boy got a promise from lovely princess" Alfie wasn't joking.

"I never promised anything Alfie." The class laugh that was Amber for you, but Alfie wasn't going to let this go. The Class went on and with no more interruptions; the teacher went on about how every county has some form of Fairy tales till class was over. Most of the class was quick to leave the room.

"Lily." The teacher stopped her from leaving the room. "Your parents know lots about Egypt right?" She nodded in response. "I'm trying to find a fairy tale form every county but I can't seem to find an Egyptian one. Could you help?" Lily nodded again and moved out of the room. Amber caught her arm and led her away.

"We're having a meeting tonight at midnight and what you to join us in the attic. Just wait outside you're room." Amber went off towards a group of younger students while Nina and Fabian looked at her and went off to the theater room. She wasn't that good at reading people but it looked like they were questioning her being here. She went in to the room any way and sat and the floor in the corner she pulled out her phone and stated to look for fairy tales for the teacher. She found a few good ones and emails them in. She could feel eyes on her for a short time till Jerome walk in with a hat on his head and a scarf around his neck. It seemed like he'd been avoiding someone since he left the house before Mara woke everyone up. She figured this was study hall and almost the end of the day; she put her things back and walked out of the room going for her locker

She hear people come up behind her "So Amber invited you didn't she? We don't know why but she feels like you should be included and so do I sorry if this sounds rude but trust doesn't just happen here. It takes time, I would know." They didn't speak the rest of the day at school or the time back at the house. Once night feel Victor went though the same routine he would do every day. She kept an eye at the time has she read her work for the next day. Once Mara had fallen asleep she would be able to make her move if Mara ever fell asleep. It grew closer to midnight and Mara had finally fallen asleep. Lily put on her slippers grabbed her hoodie before she stepped outside the door. Her door closed just as Ambers and Ninas opened she saw Fabian open and close the door to the hall.

"Shall we?" the started toward the small hall leading to the attic. "Got anything to pick the lock?" the door slowly opened.

"Maybe this midnight meeting should take place in day light." Amber tried backing away.

"Um no this was you idea." Nina pushed her up in to the attic "see this is so bad." She laid a blanket down and pulled some food from her bag. "I guess we have a few things to explain." She sat down next to Fabian Amber sat down so Lily followed and sat she pulled a piece of paper form her pocket and set it down in the middle of the group. "So Sibuna meeting is called to open. I guess"

"Sibuna? I'm confused. Is this some sort of club?" Lily asked "And why are we in the attic?"

"Sibuna, Anubis backwards it's like a club. We formed it last year when we started looking for piece of the cup of life." Amber stated.

"So the cup did break good to know. Did you ever find the pieces?" Lily was now full of questions.

"We did and we formed the cup. There was a student here before Nina that was thought to be the Chosen one because of her birthday. The cup was reformed then destroyed" Fabian paused. "Do you hear footsteps?' Everyone jumped up but when the door opened it was just the rest of the students.

"Now what is this? A party without us?" Jerome spoke that loud. "Oops am I supposed to be quiet." He shut up after that and sat down. Just has ever one else had. "You even invited the new girl. Nina and picked up the paper and stashed it in her bag. Amber started walking around quietly so she didn't have to sit by Aflie.

"Hey guys look at this" Amber said pulling a sheet of a doll house.

"That is creepy, looks just like Anubis house" Alfie tried to pick it up but let it slip hitting his foot. The crashing sound echoed and he fell down holding is foot. People started packing everything up getting ready to evacuate.

"Who's up there?" It was Victor everyone started down the starts Lily exited but waited just of the other side of the door for Nina when she didn't come she waited she could hear moving she looked down, Necklace glowing again she open the door seeing the Cup in Nina's hands and the other necklace.

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