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    February 4, 2013 by Hoa100

    Back again the girl thought fabian is gonna be surprised when i turn around a brunette came "Watch it newbie"She said "Well this place changed"I said.When i ran to Anubis house a girl was cuddling with Fabian.I just thought in my head scream.It was that brunette "Uh you again newbie"She spoke.Everyone got up and looked at me "IM BACK"I said everyone tackled me."Wait wait you know Nina Taylor"Fabian asked.Taylor gave a glare at me"Yes Fabebear she said i was horrible person"Taylor said and fake cried "I thought we're best friend but you hurt her"Amber screamed then everyone screamed at me even Fabian."Fine ask Taylor the boss of her"I screamed i never screamed ever since my gran left me at my birthday party and forget me at the party.I ran …

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