Hey this is my first fanfic, hope u like it!

The days were cold as more and more people began to leave. What once was a place where kids laughed and screamed, it was now deserted. You could hear a pin drop from a mile away and a bird chirping at the other end of campus. "red or blue?" Amber questioned holding two sequined dresses in front of Nina's face. "" Nina said slightly distracted by what her Gran was saying on the phone. "blue? Well...I'm going to have to choose red." Amber said closely examining each of the dresses, while ignoring Nina's advice. As she packed the dress into yet another filled suitcase, Nina began to scream with excitement. " Thank you so much Gran! You are the best!" Nina closed her cell phone and her eyes gleamed with pure thrill. "Amber go get Sibuna, we are not going to sit around this Winter!" Amber raised an eyebrow at Nina, but did as she was told and gathered everyone into their room. "What's this about, my mum picks me up in a few." Mara said checking her watch while peering out the window looking for a black Cadillac. "Yeah, I have a train to catch." Patricia pitched in, folding her arms. " Oh, well that's a bummer, I guess that means you wouldn't be able to go to New York." Nina said with a clever look in her eyes. She waited a moment as each of the Sibuna's jaws dropped to the floor. Suddenly, there was an outburst. "NEW YORK" Amber screeched nearly breaking every mirror in the house. " Fashion Capitol of the world?! Forget England, I'm going to New York!" She said lifting her bags. "When do we leave?" She asked eagerly. " Relax Amber, the planes not until tomorrow. But first, are you all in?" Nina asked with a broad grin across her face. "YES" Amber said barely containing her excitement. "You couldn't stop me!" Patricia said texting her parents about the change of plans. " Depends, are we flying first class?" Jerome said jokingly. "Who cares, I am so in!" Alfie said rubbing his hands together. "Well, I guess I could go." Mara said smiling. " If Patricia's in, so am I." Eddie said looking across the room at a blushing Patricia. "Fabian?" Nina questioned, are you coming?" for a moment he sat silent. Then, he looked up at Nina. " Nothing could stop me!" He took Nina's hand staring directly into her eyes. " Alright! Mara, Jerome, Amber, Eddie, Patricia, Fabian, Alfie...Look out New York, Here comes Anubis!"

Thanks 4 reading it! Sorry there was no mystery yet but there will be one!--Hoaluva5612 02:31, March 28, 2012 (UTC)Hoaluva5612

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