aka Luis

  • I live in Sacred Grove
  • I was born on February 1
  • My occupation is Playing FreeRealms and making videos
  • I am Male
  • Horustheskygod1

    (Main Door Opens)

    Fabian: It's good to be back.

    (Walks into the living room)

    Fabian: Hi guys!

    All: Hi

    Fabian: Is Nina here?

    Amber: No, her plane got delayed.

    Fabian: Oh

    Amber: But she's gonna arrive tonight.

    Fabian: Ok

    (Fabian goes to unpack)

    Eddie: Hey

    Fabian: Hi

    Eddie: What are you doing?

    Fabian: Unpacking.

    (Fabian finishes unpacking and leaves the room)

    Nina: Fabian!

    Fabian: Nina!

    Nina: I missed you!

    Fabian: I missed you too.

    (Main Door Handle turns) (A strange kid enters)

    Fabian: Max!!

    Max: Fabian!!

    (Fabian and Max lookes shocked)

    Patricia: What's with all the screaming?

    Amber: I was asking my selfe the same equestion when I heard Fabian scream.

    (Alfie comes in running)

    Alfie: What's wrong?

    Nina: Who's he?

    Fabian: My brother, with some major explaining to do.


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