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    The Breakfast Devils

    July 12, 2013 by Liv2night

    Ello everybody!  I was looking at my past stories and I was damn embarrased..This is gonna be totally different. So basically, if you don't like Walfie you shouldn't read the below and if your very emotional..warning. :D Oh and the first chapter is not good but it gets better ;) So I guess at the moment Ill update when I get 2 comments. Thanks you ;) P.S. Is this wiki dead at the moment? :O

    Alfie! Willow screams running into her boyfriends arms.

    WILLOW! Alfie screams even louder.

    It was the start of another year at Anubis house and everyone was EXCITED! Alfie and Willow were dating for nearly a year now. They were planning a big celebration for their 1st years anniversary.

    How are you big dog?! Willow asks while laughing. Big dog was her nicknam…

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  • Liv2night


    December 2, 2012 by Liv2night

    Patricia: Eddie I really love you

    Eddie: Just like I love you Yacker?

    Patricia: Lets see home much you love me. *kiss*

    Jerome: Are we starting romance? Mara?

    Mara: You're amazing Jerome. Just amazing. *kiss*

    Nina: Fabian I always loved you and I always will!

    Fabian: Me too. *kiss*

    Amber: Alfie I;m sorry!

    Alfie: No need.

    Amber: Do you..*kiss*

    Joy; I;m ok Fabian. Theres other boys out there

    Mick: Like me?

    Joy: Like you. *kiss*

    Just to show love. Just to show House of Anubis.

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  • Liv2night

    So, if you want to read this read the 3 parts of house of friendship first. Here it goes.

    In the morning after the meeting. The students are going on their 1st day of school in the new term.

    Eddie: I'm not sure about this Patricia.

    Patricia: Why?

    Eddie: You know its the 1st day of school and my dad...

    Patricia: Ok, you would'nt do it anyways.

    Amber comes of behind them

    Amber; Do what? A date? Is it romatic?!

    Eddie+Patricia: NO!

    Amber: Sure, its you not like YOU would go on a romantic date.

    Patricia: I wanted to make a run for it today at lunch.

    Amber: Yeah, thats something like you and?

    Patricia: Little Eddie wont go...

    Eddie: Little Eddie is not little. Amber, you should understand me.

    Amber: ME? YOU? UNDERSTAND? How could I you're American I;m British…

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  • Liv2night

    House of Friendship Part 3

    November 30, 2012 by Liv2night

    Eddie; Nina!? What am I supposed to do without you? Im the Osirion and your Chosen I..I..

    Nina; First of all calm down.Sarah will send you someone to help.I know it.

    Eddie; Sarah? Who is SARAH?

    Nina: Ask the rest.

    Eddie: The rest?

    Nina: Part of Sibuna-Anubis backwards,our special student group. Fabian,Amber,Patricia,Alfie,YOU, Joy sometimes... Dont ask ME anymore questions bye. Good Luck.

    Hangs off. Eddie goes back but nobodys there.WHAT? he thinks.

    Victor:It is ten o'clock you all know what that means you have 5 more minutes persisley and then I want to hear a pin...drop.

    Eddie: Sure...

    12 o'clock. Midnight. Everybody comes to Fabians and Eddies room. No sign of Mara and Jerome.

    Joy: Wheres Mara and Jerome?

    Patricia: They said they want to have a ro…

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  • Liv2night

    House of Friendship. Part 2

    November 30, 2012 by Liv2night

    Everyone heads to the living room.

    Eddie: Food!

    Patricia; Ya! Food! How exciting!

    Jerome and Mara come in. They are holding hands.Eddie Laughs.

    Eddie: Hey! Our romantic Jerome is back!

    Amber comes in.

    Amber: Nothing to hide this term?

    Mara; No Amber! Hes with me-Hes honest.

    Jerome: Is that the deal? Then I have to thing about this couple thing...

    Mara: Jerome?

    Amber; How about we talk about...ME!

    Alfie; Oh great Ambers has started. Everyone ignore her if you want to survive!

    Everyone laughs.

    Patricia: Everybody heard the news about Nina?

    Amber: Yeah sad.

    Eddie: Awww poor Ambers going to cry!

    Amber: NO I'M NOT!

    Alfie; Dont talk to my babe like that!

    Amber: I dont think I like you calling me this.

    Jerome; Now it definetly started!

    Fabians phone rings.

    Joy: Fabia…

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