This is the time of the show when they come back after the holidays in season 3

Patricia is in Eddies room waiting. She is writing a poem.     

Eddie: Hello? PARICIA!


Eddie: What are you writing?

Patricia hides her poem. Eddie snatches it off her.

Eddie: When I think about you I cry but when I see you I laugh? Wow your soft side is as soft as a pillow!

Patricia: And how soft is that?

Eddie:Wanna see?

Eddie grabs his pillow,Patricia takes Fabians. They start a big pillow fight.

Patrica: You know what?

Fabian comes in.

Fabian: Hey! Patricia! I'm sleeping on that pillow!

Takes the pillow off her.

Eddie; Yo! Fabian we were just having a laugh!

Patricia; Yeah, I'll give you my pillow to sleep on!

Fabian; Em... Thanks Patricia but i'm fine...

Joy comes bursting in.

Joy: Hey! Friends! We're having a midnight welcome meating at 12. Can we have it here?

Eddie: Fine with me! Fabian?

Fabian: Yeah sure.

Patricia:Maybe you'll liven up when Nina comes!

Fabian: The thing is Nina wont come. Shes gone to America taking care of her Granny. After the inncident.

Joy: Dont worry i'll keep your company!

Fabian hesitates. He wants to say...

Joy; And before you ask me Yeas its just as in friends!

Fabian; Ok great!

Patricia; Is everybody invited?

Trudy: Food! Anybody for food?

Fabian and Joy go.

Eddie: So what did you want to tell me?

Patricia: I know why your parent called you Eddie Sweet!

Eddie; Why cause I'm sweet?

Patricia; I was gonna say cause your a loser but-fine we can say that.

Eddie; PATRICIA! Now I'm starving

Patricia: Yeah, like always. Lets go!

Want more? Comment or tell me or something! Sorry its Long.

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