Everyone heads to the living room.

Eddie: Food!

Patricia; Ya! Food! How exciting!

Jerome and Mara come in. They are holding hands.Eddie Laughs.

Eddie: Hey! Our romantic Jerome is back!

Amber comes in.

Amber: Nothing to hide this term?

Mara; No Amber! Hes with me-Hes honest.

Jerome: Is that the deal? Then I have to thing about this couple thing...

Mara: Jerome?

Amber; How about we talk about...ME!

Alfie; Oh great Ambers has started. Everyone ignore her if you want to survive!

Everyone laughs.

Patricia: Everybody heard the news about Nina?

Amber: Yeah sad.

Eddie: Awww poor Ambers going to cry!

Amber: NO I'M NOT!

Alfie; Dont talk to my babe like that!

Amber: I dont think I like you calling me this.

Jerome; Now it definetly started!

Fabians phone rings.

Joy: Fabian! Your phone is ringing?

Fabian: Oh! EM... Yeah? Nina! Guys its Nina!

Patricia: Put it on loudspeaker!

Nina: Hey guys! I can hear you all!

Alfie; She can hear us? Wow how amazing! Is that how a phone works?

Amber: You better tell us how your doing!

Nina: I'm doing great its hot here in America!

Eddie: Did someone say hot? Oh ya I'm hot!

Nina: Eddie can I talk to you about...

Eddie; Yeah sure!

Goes outside with Fabians phone.

Jerome: Patricia Fabian? Scared?

Patricia+Fabian: No!

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