Eddie; Nina!? What am I supposed to do without you? Im the Osirion and your Chosen I..I..

Nina; First of all calm down.Sarah will send you someone to help.I know it.

Eddie; Sarah? Who is SARAH?

Nina: Ask the rest.

Eddie: The rest?

Nina: Part of Sibuna-Anubis backwards,our special student group. Fabian,Amber,Patricia,Alfie,YOU, Joy sometimes... Dont ask ME anymore questions bye. Good Luck.

Hangs off. Eddie goes back but nobodys there.WHAT? he thinks.

Victor:It is ten o'clock you all know what that means you have 5 more minutes persisley and then I want to hear a pin...drop.

Eddie: Sure...

12 o'clock. Midnight. Everybody comes to Fabians and Eddies room. No sign of Mara and Jerome.

Joy: Wheres Mara and Jerome?

Patricia: They said they want to have a romantic get away in Maras room.

Eddie: Wow consiering its Jerome THATS ROMANTIC. But thats good it can be the SIBUNA meeting and you can tell me more.  I'm having weird dreams the last days.Whos Sarah?

The Sibuna gang tell Eddie everything. By the time their finished its already 2.

Fabian: Ok thats settled then.

Eddie: Lets wait for what our quest is this TERM. Cause by the looks of things there will be something.

Amber: OK Sibuna?

Everybody: Sibuna.

Jerome and Mara come in.

Mara: No way! More American slang?

Eddie: I dont...

Patricia pinches him.

Patricia: Sure! Now that Ninas gone its up to Eddie to keep the American spirit moving!


The students talk till early morning but at the time Victor in his office:

Victor: They are sooo stupid they really think that I dont know theyre having a meeting. Lucky them for I'm busy.

Secret Dark person: Yes, and know you've got the elixir. Well, then are we drinking it?

Victor: We have to have a Ceromny first.

Secret Dark Person: Do we have to? You mean it wont work otherwise? Or is it just a tradition?

Victor: *Mutters under breath* Ok then lets drink this.

To be Continued...

Questions- please comment for answers.

Do you think Jerome and Mara were secretly listening to the Sibuna conversation?

Who is the Secret dark person?

Will the elixir work?

What are Eddies weird dreams about?

And on Sunday you can see how close you are.

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