So, if you want to read this read the 3 parts of house of friendship first. Here it goes.

In the morning after the meeting. The students are going on their 1st day of school in the new term.

Eddie: I'm not sure about this Patricia.

Patricia: Why?

Eddie: You know its the 1st day of school and my dad...

Patricia: Ok, you would'nt do it anyways.

Amber comes of behind them

Amber; Do what? A date? Is it romatic?!

Eddie+Patricia: NO!

Amber: Sure, its you not like YOU would go on a romantic date.

Patricia: I wanted to make a run for it today at lunch.

Amber: Yeah, thats something like you and?

Patricia: Little Eddie wont go...

Eddie: Little Eddie is not little. Amber, you should understand me.

Amber: ME? YOU? UNDERSTAND? How could I you're American I;m British.

Patricia: AND...

Eddie: Shut up YACKER! Lets go.

At school...

Fabian; emmmm.. So Joy? Thanks for yesturday.

Joy: No problem Fabes... Joy brings Joy right?

Fabian: *smiles* So Joy...Could I..I borrow your laptop.

Joy: Sure! Why were you hesitating? Of course you can.

Fabian: Its cause I need it to talk to Nina.

Joy: Oh! No its fine..I mean

Fabian: Thanks Joy!

Fabian leaves. Joy goes a bit sad. Patricia comes over to her.

Patricia: Hey! Whats up? You seem...sad? Is it Fabian?

Joy: YES but you know what? Theres so many boys out there. If he doesnt want me I dont want him!

Patricia: Finally, you go it! Are you sure?

Joy: Yeah, Lets go to class its nearly..

Bell rings.

Joy: This...

Patricia: *laughs* You're sitting beside me right?

Joy: You dont want to sit beside Eddie?

Patricia: I've had enough of romance for today.

At Anubis house...

K.T: This is the house?

Trudy: Yes isn't it lovely? And cosy..

Victor: New student? Get her to Nina;s old room. And you! Get unpacked.

Trudy: Hes not to onice lovey but dont worry.

K.T: Sure...

They go to the room and get unpacked. The rest of the student come back.

Jerome: Come on Mara! I need to show you this!

Mara: Ok! Ok! Dont kill me! I'm coming.

Victor: No,no,no I'm afraid you have to all go to your rooms first.

Alfie: 1st? You mean forever?

Victor: Go to your room Alfie Lewis unless....

Everybody goes to their rooms. In Ambers room. Through the phone.

Amber: Yes dad.. that new girl is really nice. Willow. No she doesnt live in Anubis house no.

Sees  K.T.

Amber: Sorry dad, have to go Bye!

K.T: Hi!

Amber: Who are you?

K.T: K.T. Rush. I'm roomate?


Eddie and Patricia run into Ambers room. Eddie stares at K.T.

K.T: Are you alright? Did you...ever see a girl?

Eddie: This is the girl from my dreams.

K.T.: Really you think I'm that beatifull? I'm not looking for a boyfriend on the 1st day of school.

Patricia: He's MY BOYFRIEND! Back off!

Eddie: Calm down Patricia. Remember when I told you I have weird dreams its..her...Nina said Sarah will send me someone! THANK YOU SARAH!

K.T: I'm not gonna say anything.

Rest of the students come in.

Mara; Wow! Are you new?

Alfie; Yeah, I bet shes American! *makes a face*

K.T.: I am.

Jerome: WOW.

K.T: I'm K.T. Rush. Hi!

Joy; Welcome to anubis house!

Mara+Amber+Fabian: YEAS!

Victor: Did'nt I tell you to go to your rooms?! GO!

All the students go. Amber and K.T.:

Amber: Why are you wearing that weird fluffy thing on your hand?

K.T: Its emm.. my good luck charm.

Amber: OH! Can I see? *takes it off*

Amber: Its the mark of Anubis!!!!! *gasps*

K.T: It appeared when a ghost..

Amber: Welcome to Sibuna!

K.T: Sibuna?

Amber: Anubis backwards! Its our secret group formed by a few of the students. You and Eddie are the new leaders!

K.T: Nothing else will surprise me...

At the cellar(once again)

Victor: It didn;t work! I told you there has to be all. And the ceromony.

Secret Dark person: Ok, then you do this then.

Victor: Its not so simple.

Secret Dark person: No?

Victor: It is time to get the Secret Society back together.

To be Continued....

Let me know if you want more!

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