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                                       House Of Anubis The Isisirion P.T.1

    A few days without Victor Was alright but a whole different mystery started the seniors stayed at Anubis House after they graduated for a few weeks.

     KT and Mara were in the cellar cleaning out the lab's chemical's .KT says,"MaraI hear you and Fabian are hitting it off..." KT had a smile on her face and Mara had a cute grin saying," But I don't think he loves me like he loved Nina."

    Suddenly, Kt and Mara found a White Shining Star it looked like the eye of Horus key Nina wore around the house and Eddie used it for opening secret passages.But instead of it being a Horus Eye it's a white star with a cresent moon in the middle.Kt says,"Woah!" KT called Eddie Patricia and Fabiā€¦

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