House Of Anubis The Isisirion P.T.1

A few days without Victor Was alright but a whole different mystery started the seniors stayed at Anubis House after they graduated for a few weeks.

 KT and Mara were in the cellar cleaning out the lab's chemical's .KT says,"MaraI hear you and Fabian are hitting it off..." KT had a smile on her face and Mara had a cute grin saying," But I don't think he loves me like he loved Nina."

Suddenly, Kt and Mara found a White Shining Star it looked like the eye of Horus key Nina wore around the house and Eddie used it for opening secret passages.But instead of it being a Horus Eye it's a white star with a cresent moon in the middle.Kt says,"Woah!" KT called Eddie Patricia and Fabian Mara says," KT What's wrong?!"

     Eddie Patricia and Fabian came downstairs to the cellar saying "WHAT?" KT says, "LOOK!" Holding the White Shining Locket "Now Eddie Show me the Locket you use to open secret passages!" Fabian says,"OH MY GOSH I know what this is!" Mara says, "What?" "It's the Isis Star of Horus it's the Isis's Horus it stands for the queen of isis" Eddie says, "FABIAN! you told me that the osiris and isis created a descendant Amneris and Amneris (Senkhara) 's descendant is Nina and Nina's protector is the osirian which no longer lives... KT says,"So what's the point?!" Patricia says,"I don't get it either!" Mara says,"Fabian and I will do some research!" Eddie says,"Kt you keep the Horus and hide it from the others!"

Mara Fabian Eddie Patricia and KT all put there hands on there eyes and says,"SIBUNA!"

Look forward to House OF Anubis The Isisirion P.T.2 ENJOY and stay Sibuna! :)

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