***There is swearing in here, not cursing though. Examples would be Freaking, Hell, Damn, Crap, etc. If you are aware of this and still choose to read, go on, if you have problems with swearing, there isn't too much.*** Last Time on House of Anubis: The Unknown Spirit...

Mr. Sweet- Mara, has been, moved from here to Isis house. It wasn't our choice in the matter, it was her's.

Dear Anubis Residences,
    I am moving over to the Isis house for our final term. I've been having
problems with Nina. Her and I chatted over the summer via Facebook. She isn't
as sweet as you think. Now, don't get offended Fabian and Amber, I understand
something must have been going on for her to act like that but she did; I have
proof. Go on my Facebook profile and I have our conversation there. I'm sorry you
two had to find out like that. Jerome, you can always visit me during school
hours and after school. Remember, I'm only a house away. Think of me as like,
the girl next door. Well, I'm always here, just not in the same house. I'll miss
you guys!
                           ~Mara Jeffrey~

Fabian- *shakes head* I wanna believe you, but, I don't think Mara can do that by herself unless she hacked your account which it doesn't look like she did... *shows Nina his phone*

I know I shouldn't feel this way about two people I care for but I do. I honestly don't think I can trust Fabian and Amber anymore. I love them but, this Mara incident isn't true. But they believe it anyways. Everybody does. Everybody hates me. So I guess I'll return the favor; I'll hate them too. Including Fabian and Amber. I can do it to Amber, I just gotta remember what she did to me during our trip to America. Fabian, however, hasn't done anything to me. I love him too. I don't know if I could live threw it. I could pretend I'm new again and Fabian's my only friend. Life is so complicated.                            Why me?

Girl- Chosen One.

Girl- Chosen One.

Nina- Who are you?

Girl- I can't explain. Maybe in time you'll know. Someone is coming.

Nina- Who!?

Girl- That I also cannot answer. But, you must watch yourself at this house, Nina. You may think it's tough socially and academically but you coming back is putting someone in risk.

Nina- How do you know my name? What I am? Who?

Girl- Again, I can't tell you. But the person you least expected is more powerful than you, the Osirian, and the Isis. His power is being claimed to either the light or the dark.

Nina- Who? Is it one of my classmates?

Girl- All I can say is it's one of your male classmates. The one you least expected. I must go now chosen one.

Nina- Wait! *Holds hand out*

But it was too late. The girl was gone. This girl wasn't British, she kinda looked like the little Nina. This girl was American. This girl had all the same features as Nina.

Nina- [thinking] It has to be Alfie. *runs downstairs*

Amber- Why, Nina? Why did you do it?

Nina- Look, I'll explain later, Alfie, I need to speak to you, now.

Alife- You don't just shrug off something like this! Explain to Amber first.

Nina- *rolls eyes* Look, Amber, I did no such thing, m-kay?

Amber- But *points at Fabian's phone* the-

Nina- Fine don't believe me. Why would I think you would?

Amber- I'm trying to! But you have no evidence that you didn't.

Nina- Innocent until proven guilty. Ever heard of it?

Jerome- You were proven guilty.

Nina- Alfie, I need to speak to you! It's your life on the verge of ending!

Alfie- *rolls eyes* Fine. Make it quick. *goes out into hallway*

Nina- *goes out into hallway*

In the hallway......

Alfie- Alright, what?

Nina- Well, have you noticed anything, different about yourself lately?

Alfie- *-_-* I don't really have time for this.

Nina- Just answer the damn question!

Alfie- *O.o* Okay! Okay! No I haven't! I feel like the same, skinny, funny, strange, eats too much but is still skinny Alfie!

Nina- Are you sure? Have you been seeing ghosts and stuff?

Alfie- No? What's this all about Nina? Why are you interrogating me?

Nina- If you convince Fabian and Amber, and Patricia if needed, to forgive me, I'll call on Sibuna and tell you all.

Alfie- Okay, but if they don't forgive you, please just tell me why.

Nina- Deal *shakes Alfie's hand*

In the living room.......

Nina and Alfie walk in.

Nina- I'm just gonna go get some soda... *goes into kitchen*

Patricia- What'd she want?

Alfie- Um, guys, I need only Amber, Fabian and Patrica in here. K.T, Eddie, you can stay I suppose, the rest of you go somewhere's else just for now. Please?

They leave.

Patricia- What?

Alfie- You guys have gotta believe, trust, and forgive Nina.

Patricia- And why should we?

Alfie- Because, she needs Sibuna to be back.

K.T.- That's it?

Alfie- You're mad at her too?

K.T.- Well, no, but I feel that won't be enough to make them forgive her.

Alfie- *-__-* Anyways, you guys can't hold a grudge forever.

Amber- We've only been holding a grudge for 45 minutes... *O.o*

Alfie- 45 minutes too long! Guys please! I know you guys don't like people treating you like this!

Patricia- Oh, *baby voice* treat others the way you wanna be treated! *normal voice* Give me a freaking break.

Alfie- C'mon!

Patricia- We'll think about it.

Alfie- Stop speaking for Fabian and Amber.

Patricia- Okay, what do you guys think? Have some American snob be your girlfriend *looks at Fabian* and you bff, *looks at Amber*-

Alfie- Or a girl who happens to be from America and is not a snob and forgive her and go back to normal?

Patrica- *-___-*

Amber- *looks at Fabian*

Fabian- *looks at Nina pretending not to watch threw the window* *shrugs*

Amber- *nods*

Alfie- Well?

Amber- Yes moron! Patricia may not be we do!

Patricia- *>:o*

Nina- *smiles threw the window*

Fabian- *goes into his room*

In Fabian's room..........

Fabian- *pulls out a book*

Bella Frobisher-Smythe: The Forgotten Youngest Daughter of the famous Frobisher-Smythe

Fabian- Nina won't see this coming. Payback time.

Will Patricia forgive Nina?

Is Alfie truly the one the spirit was talking about?

Who is this spirit?

Who was the spirit talking about?

Who is claiming one of the boy's powers to either go to the light or the dark?

Who is Bella Frobisher-Smythe?

What does Fabian plan to do with that book?

Is there more to Fabian than meets the eye?

Find out in Episode 2

House of Anubis: The Unknown Spirit

House of Surrender/House of Bloody Horror Part One!

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