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  • I live in Anubis House...Stalking Fabian and Patricia.
  • I was born on September 17
  • My occupation is a Photo Editor and Template Maker
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  • Pabian

    Eddie scowled and stepped right onto my foot.

    "Fabian..." Eddie was telling me something harshly, but I must of zoned out. Eddie shoved me backwards and I staggered.

    Patricia tried to hold Eddie back but he came forward with a firm punch to my chin. I gasped and closed my eyes, but then I realized that Eddie was dating K.T and shouldn't be mad.

    I was daydreaming. I let out a long sigh of relief. Eddie was still standing there, and Patricia was still anxiously look from Eddie to me.

    "Why..?" Eddie was curious, not mad. Which was another wave o relief. Patricia suddenly grabbed my hand and grinned, very happily.

    "We're dating," Patricia comfirmed proudly. Eddie raised his eyebrows, shocked. He knew it was true, he saw the kiss himself.

    Just when I…

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  • Pabian

    I Love You Patricia: Act II

    February 6, 2013 by Pabian

    I straightened the New Prom banner, but I was the opposite of it. I couldn't think straight at all. I runned my fingers through my hair nervously. If Patricia says no...

    I shivered and sighed.

    "Fabes? What's up?" Joy was so innocently nice, it made me smile. I glanced at Patricia, she was looking at me. Which means she cares...or she thinks I'm a freak.

    "Is it Patricia? You know her, she's a little rude and-" I held up my hand.

    "And the girl I asked out," I stated. Joy's jaw dropped; amazed, confused, sad, shocked, angry. All in one.

    "! Your joking," Joy said, a smile spreading over her face. Of course she wouldn't believe me.

    I ignored her respectively and confidently strolled over to Patricia. She was already blushing.

    Joy. I heard her …

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  • Pabian

    I Love You Patricia: Act I

    February 4, 2013 by Pabian

    The prom was coming. Eddie and K.T are going together. Jerome and Mara. Alfie, Joy, and Willow (As friends). And then it just left Patricia and I alone.

    It was the morning of the Alien Prom (Alfie's Idea), and I still was a loner. Everyone expected Patricia and I to just go alone, because we would be an 'odd' couple. Plus, everyone assumed I still  loved Nina. See, the point is...I might actually love Patricia.

    "So Fabian. You're just going alone?" Jerome asked. He smirked and bit into his apple. I shook my head sarcastically.

    "Nah, Patricia and I are the best couple that could happen," I said lamely, trying to sound sarcastic. Deep inside, I knew I was serious.

    "Oh sure! You. Me. Perfect," Patricia mused, playing along. Jerome coughed and held …

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