I straightened the New Prom banner, but I was the opposite of it. I couldn't think straight at all. I runned my fingers through my hair nervously. If Patricia says no...

I shivered and sighed.

"Fabes? What's up?" Joy was so innocently nice, it made me smile. I glanced at Patricia, she was looking at me. Which means she cares...or she thinks I'm a freak.

"Is it Patricia? You know her, she's a little rude and-" I held up my hand.

"And the girl I asked out," I stated. Joy's jaw dropped; amazed, confused, sad, shocked, angry. All in one.

"! Your joking," Joy said, a smile spreading over her face. Of course she wouldn't believe me.

I ignored her respectively and confidently strolled over to Patricia. She was already blushing.

Joy. I heard her footsteps follow behind me. There goes my confidence level. I cleared my throat and stammered.

"Get on wih it, stutter Rutter." Patricia softly teased, trying to sound casual. Which I knew it hurt to pretend.

Nobody said a word.

I was searching for the right words. Patricia was almost biting her hair. And Joy was completely confused.

"Er...Mara. Help me with the red punch?"Joy scurried away and relief dwelled across my face.

"This can't work, Fabian," Patricia said quickly. "Joy likes you. I'd never hurt her like that-" I didn't know what I was doing but I pulled Patricia into my arms and...

Kissed her.

It was electricfying. Romantic. Beautiful. It was us.

I was expecting a slap. A gasp. A push. Or something. But instead, Patricia stood straight and said...

"Yes." I couldn't believe it. This moment was perfect, until Eddie walked in.

To Be Continued...

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