Eddie scowled and stepped right onto my foot.

"Fabian..." Eddie was telling me something harshly, but I must of zoned out. Eddie shoved me backwards and I staggered.

Patricia tried to hold Eddie back but he came forward with a firm punch to my chin. I gasped and closed my eyes, but then I realized that Eddie was dating K.T and shouldn't be mad.

I was daydreaming. I let out a long sigh of relief. Eddie was still standing there, and Patricia was still anxiously look from Eddie to me.

"Why..?" Eddie was curious, not mad. Which was another wave o relief. Patricia suddenly grabbed my hand and grinned, very happily.

"We're dating," Patricia comfirmed proudly. Eddie raised his eyebrows, shocked. He knew it was true, he saw the kiss himself.

Just when I thought he bought it, Eddie let out a low chuckle. He was probably laughing at us. I mumbled something under my breath.

"What?" Eddie asked, offended.

"Huh? I said nuthin'." Eddie stared at us and slowly walked away. Maybe he thought this was a joke or a trick, perfect.

I sighed and flopped down, but instantly I felt Patricia's fingers lock with mine. My heart quickened it's pace and I held my breath.

"Patricia," I managed to say. Deep breathes, Fabian.

"Would you love to go to the prom with me?"

Patricia smirked and gently nudged me.

"No, Fabian. I wouldn't want to go to this amazing prom with my lovely new boyfriend." Sarcasm dripped off her words. We both laughed.

I pulled her into a hug.

"Let's get ready then."

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