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  • PieandHOALoverHere

    Hello! I'm PieandHOALoverHere but you can call me Pie for short. lol. This is my idea for House of Anubis Season 3. Check out my other blog on the regular wikia thing for spoilers and summaries and opinions.

    Setting: A month after Eddie found out he was the Osirian. April 4, 2012, 2:30pm Outside the Anubis House.

    Girl- Uh, this place is so, so, OLD! Niiiiicccceee.

    The door to Anubis House mysteriously opens all by it's self.

    Girl- Well I absolutely love a haunted house! Maybe not to sleep in though....

    Victor steps out of the House.

    Victor- Your early.

    Girl- Yes, Yes, I know. My mother said if I came early it would be just "grand". Apparently it's not though...

    Victor- We weren't expecting you until May 27th.

    Girl- Well, is there any room? I mean, I…

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