Hello all! It's Pilun172, the author of After Anubis. I want to tell you some intresting things about it.

The fanfic is based off Friends, but with my own twist

1- Mara's a teacher. Ross was a teacher later on in the series

Eddie's an actor who can't find a role. Joey

Fabian sings these ridculos songs. Phoebe

Amber is a model, so she works in fashion. Rachel

2- The Emma storyline will happen to two broken up characters.

3- The triplets storyline will happen very soon(except it will only be one baby).

4- Fabina will break up AGAIN.

5- Guess who's going to get married.

6- Refrences to HOA

7- Dancing is coming :D

8- Eddie's going to (try) find a girlfriend.

9- Martin and Sweet as twins. Tell me what you think about that.

10- A lot of things are happening!

I hope you enjoy reading my story.


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