Patricia: Eddie it's so good to see you again.

Eddie: It's good to see you too, I tried calling you all summer but you wouldn't answer.

Paticia: Sorry, I was mostly sleeping all summer.

Fabian, Joy, Mara, Jerome, Alfie and Amber walk in.

Trudy: It's that all you are finally back together.

Joy: What about Mick?

Amber: And Nina Too?

Trudy: They won't be coming this year, Mick will continue his training in Austalia and Nina has to take care of her Gran.

Fabian: Great, my girlfriend and my best friend are both gone.

Mara: don't worry I'm sure they'll come back.

Meanwhile in the school,

Mrs. Andrews: I'm not doing it! just because I'm back working here doesn't mean that I have to help you!

Mr. Sweet: But we have the Osirion now!

Victor: let her go we'll get somone else to do it

Mrs. Andrews leaves the room and Mrs. Valentine comes in.

Mrs. Valentime: Sorry I'm just here to get my things, I'll be leaving in a few hours.

Victor: You don't have to leave.

Mrs. Valentine: Yes I do!

Victor: You sould stay longer! a lot lot longer! maybe even forever.

Later outside of Anubis House.

KT: Hey do you know where Anubis House is?

Willow: Oh it's over there, are you staying there?

KT: Yes.

Willow OMG! SO am I, we could totally be BFF's.

KT: You're very hyper.

Willow: Yeah I know .

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