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    Unexpected Birthday

    February 12, 2013 by YackerBishes

    Two Words:


    Well at least for the year, why? Because it's my birthday.

    After I finished lunch, I went back to my room. Willow was hanging with KT, Mara and Jerome are out of the house, Joy is out for the weekend, Alfie and Fabian are goofing off, and who knows what slimeball's been up to, maybe he's planning the next Sibuna meeting or something, who cares. I went on my laptop and  scrolled through my news feed. Ugh. My parents went to visit Piper, they said they were busy turns out they just didn't wanna see me. Well they dropped me off at this boarding school and never bothered to visit me again. Tears started falling down my face, my own parents doesn't even bother to see me. I don't know if they even love me. They focused al…

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