this is wild child a house of anubis version . you have got to watch wild child it is a.m.a.z.i.n.g

here are the characters

poppy ; nina

harriet / head girl ; joy

freddie ; fabian

amber ; friend / roomate

mara ; friend / roomate

patrica ; friend / roomate

look i can't be botherd to do the rest

in this story poppy is nina's sister not jerome's .

i'm just gonna skip to the part where she arrives in england .

a limo stops by at abby mount

head girl joy is shaking people's hand

people ; whoa

a girl comes out of the limo

amber goes up to the girl

amber ; hello i'm amber

nina ;and i don't care

amber ; okay then i heard you are my new rooomate hopfully we can be friends .

nina ; i choose my friends

amber ; i can show yo-

nina ; bye bye

amber leaves

head girl joy goes up to nina

joy  ; hello i'm joy head girl also

joy puts out her hand for nina to shake

nina does not shake it .

joy ; shake the hand

she still does not shake the hand

joy tries to make nina shake the hand

joy leaves

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